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Friday, 18 January 2013

It's almost my birthday & I'll sleep if I want to ;-)

18th January 2013

Inner Beauty Never Fades

WOW, I stayed in bed till gone 7 – because I can ;-) it is my birthday weekend and I’m not rushing anywhere, I’ve done enough of that all week.   I just had ten minutes chatting with mom in her room, I’ve been out to feed the birds, it’s bad out there for them this time of year and now I’m drinking tea from a mug with memories, I love how most of my tea mugs are a souvenir from somewhere, today’s is my NYC empire state building King Kong one and that never fails to put a big grin on my face.

I lost a pound yesterday which I’m just chuffed with, I know I’ve not been angelic all week, I have stuck to the Filling & Healthy but I’ve also used all my activity ProPoints and double my weeklies so to get a loss at all was very lucky!  The F&H has really helped balance out my cravings though and it’s stopped me making some foolish food choices, that I may have caved into overwise.  Yesterday I wanted to eat my own head I thought I was that hungry, my bestie pointed out I was actually tired and thirsty not hungry, but it didn’t make me feel less like eating.  It did however stop me from overindulging and I had a beef sandwich instead.  

I knew I needed fast for when I got home so I nipped in Asda, cottage cheese is my new favourite food, mmm with pineapple chunks thrown in, it’s lovely.  I also found Asda Chosen by You Tandoori chicken (actually it wasn’t lost! So I discovered it for myself) and it comes under the filling and healthy banner!  Or it’s only 4pp for the packet anyway, it’s got quite a kick to it as well, so I had that in two Weight Watcher pittas with spinach, very nice for a quick tea.  I’m going to look through my shopping guide this weekend to see if I can find other F&H gems hidden away, do you think there’s a chance that somewhere, someone has invented a red wine that’s good for you ;-)
(both F&H foods)

Here’s todays F&H meal suggestion;

Fast fishcakes
Use 125g (4½oz) mashed potatoes.  Add a drained tin of salmon or tuna in brine, 1 tbsp chopped parsley, 1 tbsp lemon juice & some pepper.  Mash again.  Use your hands to shape into 2 patties & warm through in a hot non-stick frying pan sprayed with low fat cooking spray, brown for 5 mins, turning half way through.  Serve with baked beans & mixed veg of your choice.

Snow far, so lucky, we’ve only had about ½ inch and hoping it won’t get any worse, really not loving the weather, it’s dangerous and horrible and only looks good on photos and mountains! 
I’m going to work today but not rush, then I plan to chill all weekend and enjoy hitting 43 ;-) because life just keeps getting better.  I love that I don’t feel the need to impress anyone anymore, if I don’t want to get dressed up to go out with my mates, I’m not expected to, and I ain’t fussed if I ain’t fancied when I walk in a bar, oh I wouldn’t want to be 21 again for anything, it was full of so much emotional angst and suffering.

Well short and sweet this morning, please be careful if you’re venturing out, be safe.  If you’re staying home, stay on track – we can do this folks, pound a week will do us! 
Have a healthy, happy day. Xx

P.S. realised I’d missed the last bit of the chicken recipe yesterday, it should have read;

Place all ingredients, except the chicken, in a pan.  Mix well & cook gently for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add the chicken & continue to cook until the chicken is cooked thoroughly & the sauce thickens.  Serve with a selection of no point vegetables.

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