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Monday, 7 January 2013

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

7th January
I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying who listens or what they think. Rumi
My niece is 18 today, it doesn’t seem that long since I was – scary stuff, I’m now over twice her age and life is whizzing by, it really is, which is another reason I stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t because I haven’t got enough years left to be messing about! 
It’s also why I stopped beating myself up about stuff such as my weight!  I will always try to eat healthy and keep my weight down to an acceptable number but I will never throw a guilt trip over enjoying my food or overeating – it just doesn’t work.  I’m glad the first week of January is done and dusted, I always find that a strange one, and knew there was no way I was going to be angelic on the eating front, but that didn’t stop me trying to do my best.
All the cheese has now gone apart from a bit of stilton which I can control my consumption of.  I made a large bath of cheesy pasta sauce yesterday and froze most of it.  I cooked courgettes, onions, carrots, red pepper in my actifry with 2pp worth of oil, then added them to a pan of tinned tomatoes x 2, puree, spinach, 2 x 200g phildelphia extra light (12pp) and mixed pieces of cheese (30pp). I flavoured it with pepper, dried mustard and garlic salt and then portioned it up ready for the freezer, it all worked out at about 2pp per 100g, which is ok as 200g with be a decent portion served on 40g of pasta (4pp), which will be lunch today for 6pp total.
I might defrost some minced beef today and make taco mince, I quite like that, there are the taco shells but I might have it with mashed potato, will need to work out the ProPoints, think the taco mix from memory is 3pp, and lean beef mince is 4pp per 100g, the shells are apparently 3pp each according to esource, I always double check though with the packet, just to be on the safe side ;) 
Couldn’t help myself I’ve just been and got the box, how ridiculous is the nutritional information, it says for each taco and then in brackets add, (taco shell, spice mix & salsa as sold)!  I don’t eat the salsa sauce I don’t like it.  Anyway the nutritional info works out at 3pp per taco which isn’t bad.  The instructions say to add 500g beef mince, now this is where you can save loads of ProPoints, because beef mince is 30pp for 500g, but if you buy lean (10% fat) it goes down to 22pp, or extra lean (5% fat) is only 16pp and extra lean counts as Filling & Healthy too. The only other ingredient that needs ProPoints is the 125g cheese which is 14pp so the total would be per shell using ordinary mince;
Mince = 30pp
Shells = 30pp
Cheese = 14pp
Total recipe 74pp
There are ten shells in the box working out at 7pp for 1 shells or 15pp for 2 shells however if you use the extra lean mince that would go down to total 60pp, and 6pp for 1 shell or 12pp for 2 shells.
Sorry I got carried away then working it all out, I think I’d rather have mashed potato with my taco mince and to be honest I can live without the cheese too.  That’d bring my dinner down to 250g potato = 5pp and 200g taco beef mince 5pp (as mine is the 10% fat mince), a really healthy hearty meal for 10pp and I’ll be adding veggies to bulk it out even more.
Well now I’ve planned my meals, I’ll be off, sorry if that was a bit boring, but consider it a master class in meal planning and recipe building!  We’re looking at the importance of planning in meetings this week, hope to see you all.
Here’s to a very healthy, happy, on track week for all.

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