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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A day of deliciousness - all for 28pp

23rd January 2013

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.  Abraham Lincoln
Early nights and no alcohol always means I sleep really deep and wake up thinking what happened to my night – where did that go?  But I feel rested which is a bonus and I ended yesterday on 28pp and ate really well, so I’m happy.  I’m feeling very positive too about losing again, I had to get my birthday out of the way first now I’ve got a clear run to really focus on my weight loss efforts.  I’m going to lose a stone by summer.

We’ve had another inch of snow though – boo!  It needs to go away now, we don’t like it! Anyway not going to dwell on it, going to make use of the time spent at home instead.  Members who made the meetings yesterday did fab, almost 200lb weight loss, of course there were a few who because of the snow had overindulged through boredom at being stuck at home, but they’re back on track now, I’m hoping those that didn’t make weigh-in are on track too.
Yesterday morning I’d tidied my office before 6am – that’s three rooms clean in three days, what on earth is going on here, I’m loving it!  I had a scrumptious breakfast of spinach & cherry tomato omelette for 5pp,

then for lunch I had sainsburys chicken fillets with mozzarella, basil & bacon with potatoes, carrots, courgette& spinach, 9pp very very tasty,
and finally for my tea I had cheese and mustard mash (8pp) with ½ tin of Asda spaghetti in tomato sauce (3pp).  Proves you can eat really well, and it doesn’t have to be ‘diet’ food, 3pp was taken for my milk allowance in tea, which meant I had 28pp all day, and I even earned 8pp on pedometer, I’m hoping to counteract the damage I did the weekend with it being my birthday.   If I can get a stayed same I’m be pleased, but whatever those darn scales say I’ll take because I enjoyed every minute of it.

I shopped in Sainsbury’s on Monday, just a few things to save me cooking and I went to all that effort to ProPoint those chicken meals whilst in the shop then in the next aisle which was fish I just grabbed a tray of prawns knowing they were low in ProPoints, then spotted some mackerel which sounded delicious because it was honey smoked, I knew it was quite high but I thought to myself, well I’m not having wine this week, I’ll have the extra ProPoints to cover it – OMG when I ProPointed it yesterday afternoon and it was 32pp for the packet, I wished I hadn’t bought it!  So lesson of the day, always ProPoint in the shop, then you’re not stuck with a super high ProPointed food in your fridge you don’t want to waste!
It’s amazing how quickly you can get ‘in the zone’ with a bit of effort, I feel very motivated, I went to work early last night to warm the church up and so I could weigh anyone who wanted to nip in on way from work, so whilst I was waiting I used the time to plan meal ideas for the next few days thinking about what I had in the fridge.  I’m going to nip into Asda this morning for a cheap jar of curry sauce and that will be my Thursday night tea this week after a hectic day.  I’ll pick up some veggies too as I’m all out and you can’t have too many carrots when you have an Actifry ;-) seriously loving carrots and potatoes cooked in the Actifry, see photo with chicken, so far I’m rather pleased with this purchase, I need to think of other foods to cook in it.
Well I better go clear the snow off my car and drive – boo, but yay think of all the activity ProPoints being earned, in 10-20 minutes of low intensity activity I’d earn 1pp, if I was at it for 30 minutes I’d get 3pp!  To work your own out check your pocket guide in your folder, it’s dependant on weight.  I tend to just stick with my pedometer though as it does the maths for me, and I was pleased with my 8pp yesterday.
So come on, let’s stay focused on the future, as good old Lincoln said in his quote at the beginning of this blog - it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.  Whatever you weigh, if you’re not living – there’s really no point!


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