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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

YAY, awesome, whoop whoop! Go You!

26th September 2012

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. Nathaniel Branden

I had a much more focused day yesterday, I bagged up the entire box of Bran Flakes into 17 x 30g portions, now in a morning I just grab a bag and the bowl, sorted!  I then put all the wine in the shed and it worked last night when I came home I didn’t have a drink because once I’d eaten my tea and got comfortable, I couldn’t be bothered to go out the back in the cold and fetch a bottle.  The may seem like two small steps but they will make a massive difference to my results at the scales.  The other thing I did was put a bottle of water on my desk and when I emptied it, I made sure I went and topped it up so yesterday I drank at least a litre more water than I usually do – result.
Let’s stop trying to do it all at once!  The 12 weeks to glow challenge is a great way to slow down and work on one thing each week.  Most importantly stop expecting the moon on a stick and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up!  Decide today and why not everyday, to celebrate the small successes!  You’re more likely to continue doing the good stuff if you feel good for doing it!  Are you ready for today’s challenge?  We’re going to start celebrating the small positive things you do that help you with your weight loss and I don’t care if you feel silly – it’s important to big yourself up!  YOU ROCK!

OKAY here are the rules!
As soon as you do something positive that you know will help your weight loss (i.e. turn down seconds, make a wiser food choice, opt for the apple instead of the chocolate, took the stairs instead of the lift, put your wine in the shed – that kind of thing), you’re going to celebrate on the spot, either while you’re doing it or within a second of doing it. 

Now you need to find a celebration method that works for you, that matches your personality - here are some suggestions, pick any or a combination!
1)      Do a physical movement once. Such as thumbs up, fist pump, victory sign, clap once.
2)      Do a physical movement that flows. For example, a short victory dance, a bit of a jig, applaud yourself
3)      Say a work or phrase out loud. For example “awesome!” “Go me!”, “Whoop, Whoop”, “BOOM!”
4)      Say a word or phrase inside to yourself (if you’re a bit shy or in public lol) such as “nicely done!”, “nailed it”, “you rock”, “way to go”
5)      Sing a song phrase out loud, “Because you’re gorgeous”
6)      Sing a song phrase inside, to yourself, “You are amazing, just the way you are”
7)      Vocalize music or a sound effect out loud, for example “do do do doooo!” (trumpet for royalty)
8)      Imagine hearing music or sound effect, such as a roaring crowd, happy for your success.
9)      Feel an internal glow inside you (this is difficult for most people, you conjure up a feeling of success and happiness).
10)   Make your face into a happy face – you know SMILE or LAUGH.

You can combine these too, for example you can say “awesome” as you punch your fist in the air.
It might all sound a little silly but this stuff works trust me, and it’s proven. Seriously it is proven to help, scientists test all sorts of whacky stuff and this is one of the things they’ve experimented with, so we don’t want that work to go to waste do we ;-)

I’m considering a filling and healthy day today, as it’s cold out there and I want to fill myself up with comforting food, so that means it will have to be Weetabix or porridge for breakfast as bran flakes aren’t a filling and healthy food.  I’m thinking for my main meal gammon, egg and beans nom nom then for my other meal I have some grey peas in the freezer that need consuming so that’s my day sorted - is yours?
Ignore this rain, find your inner sparkle and shine today. xx



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