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Friday, 14 September 2012

It only bloomin works this Weight Watcher lark!

14th September 2012

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. Paul Boese
To say I had a fabulous day yesterday would be an understatement, it started with me and my helpers getting weighed and between us we lost 10lb in our first week, cheers all round I have to say.  2.5lb of that was mine ‘-) I was over the moon, I’d hoped for 2lb, expected realistically 1lb because I’d gone over and I shared yesterday, so yeah I was thrilled and will now be aiming for a pound each week until Christmas.  After we’d weighed the first three members that gone on my scales lost 4lb each, then Denise got on and she lost too taking her total weight loss up to twenty stone – yes you read that correctly, 20 stone! Oh my word, how amazing is that, to have stayed focused for over three years to lose an incredible amount of weight, and the first thing she said was, right two more stone, I want that gone by Christmas – inspiring, the women is just remarkable.  There were lots of smiles at the scales, I think everyone has taken on board the ‘glow for it’ challenge and is ready to sparkle!  The Express and Star came along also to take photos of Rachel who’s lost ten stone, she’ll be in the paper over the next few days so keep your eye out, now it may only be in the Walsall edition, so please check at let me know because I’m a Wolvo girl!

Yep it’s been a fantastic week, 540lb lost in total in my meetings, that’s 38 ½ stone which I’m sure you’ll agree is just sensational and long may that success continue over the next 12 weeks as we tackle one aspect of weight loss at a time, because lets be honest it isn’t easy and the changes we need to make we want them to be permanent don’t we!

So yesterday I enjoyed my meals I had mango and banana for my breakfast with yogurt on that was only 1pp, then for lunch I had chicken and rice stew (10pp) which I just adore, and finally for my tea which I’d waited for all week I had curried beans on toast (12pp) mmm tasty.  I did a little bit of shopping for a few bits because I’m taking this budget thing seriously and want to see how much money I can save doing it, picked up a couple of bargains in the B&M store which I shall be trying, I like tinned stewed steak and it’s £2.69 thereabouts normally, it was a pound cheaper in B&M so I shall see if it tastes as good!  There were also some Sharwoods biryani sauce jars for 59 & 79p depending on flavour and they work out at 5 & 6pp a jar – bonus!  Just need to add the rice and meat and it will make a reasonable ProPointed meal.  I nipped in Sainsbury’s for a loaf whilst I was there too and got some Potato Waffles on offer 2 boxes for £1.80, that’s 24 waffles (3pp each) so 12 meals worth and frozen chips, Aunt Bessie (200g – 7pp) were on offer 2 for £2.00, that’s 2kg of chips so 10 portions which works out at 20p a portion and the waffles are 15p a portion, not bad at all!

Mom likes hot dogs and hamburgers which work out at;

17pp meal of 2 hot dogs (3pp), 2 rolls (6pp) & onions (1pp for spray oil), 200g chips (7pp) for 83p per meal (I buy tinned hot dogs a lot for Alfie and trust me the 55p ones taste just the same as the more expensive ones and the ingredients don’t differ because I’ve checked!

13pp meal of 2 birds eye 100% beef burgers (6pp), 2 x buns (6pp) & onions (1pp spray oil) =67p per meal.

Everything I bought except the bread was on offer, I like good bread, at the moment I’m into the seeded stuff, but it is 3pp for one slice and 5pp for two so it does cost me in my ProPoints budget, worth it though.  I indulged in buying some Saint Agur blue cheese which was on offer for £2.25 (3 portions), I’m going to make stuffed chicken breast wrapped in ham and roasted in the oven, it’ll make a nice meal with some rice and I’ve already got the other ingredients. 

Yes this budgeting can save me a great deal of money so if you see any offers or have any meal ideas let me know, we came up with a few yesterday morning in-between the meetings, I do love a natter with my members when I have the time ;-)

I love my members I do and as I drove out of the car park yesterday morning, I saw this heart in the sky which made me smile and think loving thoughts towards you all. Xx

YAY it’s Friday, don’t go too freaky ;-)


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