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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Got a problem! A Poundland problem ;-)

22nd September 2012

When dealing with a difficult person, try not to be judgmental or defensive in your conversation with them. Stay calm & smile (not quite a quote but excellent advice!)
Oh dear me, I think I may have a Poundland problem!  And to make matters even sadder, yesterday I had trolley envy!  Yes the bags of stuff I bought in Poundland shops were so heavy to carry back to my car which was what felt like miles away, I was looking longingly at ladies pulling these!  What has happened to me ;-) is this my future –
Joking aside, I got myself some bargains, I hadn’t been to Wolverhampton town centre for a very long time because when I got to the Poundland shop it wasn’t there, it had moved to larger premises!  It’s now where TK Maxx used to be and it’s huge.  I got the stewed steak for £1, as opposed to £1.65 in B&M’s and £2.69 in Sainsbury’s that a massive difference.  I bought a plastic storage tub that would have cost £3-4 anywhere else and although I didn’t buy everything obviously I had a look round and was stunned at some of the stuff in there, things like roasting dishes and cake trays for a pound which would cost much more elsewhere.  So yes £20 later I had 4 bags full and I struggled back to my car with them, gazing with envy and the pull along plaid trolleys.  This morning I feel like I’ve done a workout, my shoulders are sore and tight, so you get a free workout too!

To balance out the skintness I also popped in Waitrose and treated myself to a £10 meal deal, that included a bottle of wine (which I’d buy from somewhere anyway) a starter which I’m eat as a meal on its own, and a main and a side – we had butterflied pork shoulder with honey, garlic & rosemary and Parmentier potatoes.  The main and side dishes served 3 so worked out at 14pp per serving and had them with zero veggies.  It was a tasty meal and I’ll be having the starter another day for lunch.  Nice as a treat for a change.
After getting up at stupido’clock yesterday morning I was in bed for eight last night and I’d already been asleep in the living for at least half hour, so I’m back to full energy, or as full as it’s likely to get on a Saturday morning when it’s cold outside.  Mmm what to do today,  I have the whole day free apart from my Weight Watcher meeting this morning, I need my top up of weekly support - ooo there’s a Poundland in Cannock!  Only joking, I won’t I promise ;)

I think I’ll spend this afternoon chilling with my mom we may live in the same house but I feel like I rarely spend time with her, so yeah that’s the plan, a bit of housework, then a chillaxing session which will involve her reading the papers to me and telling me she’s already watched whatever it is we have on the tv even if it’s a Premier, she has some kind of déjà vu / premonition thing going on with the tv just lately where she’s apparently already seen EVERYTHING!
Right have a wonderful weekend, I’m off, may not blog in morning as I’ve got to be on a coach at 6.45! What’s that all about ay! 

Stay on track for me x


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