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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Good wholesome cheap food, you can't beat it!

15th September 2012
Oh dear just finished filling in my journal from yesterday and I’ve used the pedometer ProPoints I’ve earned so far and I only have two of my weeklies left, so from now until Thursday morning it’s 26pp a day plus any pedometer ProPoints I can earn, I can do that – plus I can do that on a budget – watch this space!
Yesterday I had the rest of the curried beans on toast for brekkie, ooo they are so nice, but it was topped by lunch which was 2 birds eye burgers (6pp) on buns (8pp) with lots of fried onions (used 1pp of oil) and served with salad, they were seriously tasty and the meal cost less than a pound per person which is brilliant and when you compare it in ProPoints to a big mac for 13pp I made two burgers for 15pp and they were just as delicious.  For tea we had the Sharwoods Biryani (5pp for the jar) which was only 79p in B&M’s at Reedswood, added 330g (8pp) chicken and 150g rice (14pp), oil (4pp) to it and the finished dish was 10pp and very tasty too and approximately £1.50 a portion.    I have to say I do like the biryani idea, cooking the rice in with the curry; it seems to have a better flavour and also saves on washing up as it’s all cooked in one pan!  Both are meals I will be adding to my monthly planner, even if I was paying full price for the Sharwoods sauce I’d buy it, but actually I’m guessing you could just add the rice & 150ml water to any jar of curry sauce and get a similar result.
I might have potato waffles today, although I will need to go get some eggs to have with them or I could have them topped with tuna melt, mmm tasty.  I’m off to my Weight Watcher meeting as a member first though as I’m glowing for it for the foreseeable future!  I’m loving that all my members have embraced the idea of “12 weeks to glow” and they’re glowing for it with me.  We can do this, even when life gets a bit crazy, a little busy or downright mad, we will
And we shall all enjoy it too, no giving everything up in exchange for a weight loss, nope we shall enjoy foods we love, we shall love ourselves along the ways and we will glow brighter than a glow worm!

I have decided by the end of the 12 weeks I will be a stone lighter, I’ve lost 2.5lb so it’s another 11.5lb to go, I can do that I’m sure and I will share how I’m doing with you as I glow ;-)
I will learn to enjoy the weekends without totally going off track and to help me stay focused I will attend a meeting every week because the support does help and having time for myself too makes a difference.
But before I can do that I need to get the dog walked, I need some activity ProPoints so he’s getting a good walk today!  Later I’m going to work on my meal planner, and I’m going to pop in Asda and get the makings of a chicken casserole I think because that’s only 8pp a portion and £1.58 a serving.  I’ve started costing up the recipes in my Weight Watcher cook books too, there’s a nice pasta dish in the complete kitchen on page 125 Fragrant chicken something, that works out at £1.40 a portion.  I’m boring you all now I bet, so I’ll get off, but joking aside if you eat for less then you have money left for other things ;-)
Catch ya tomorrow, I’m glowing for a walk!

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