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Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy Monday...

3rd February 2014
I take a simple view of life. It is keep your eyes open and get on with it. Laurence Sterne

Yesterday was a completely Weight Watcher free day!  No thinking about whether something was Filling & Healthy or how many ProPoints it may be, we just enjoyed our day, made my bestie and her family a roast beef dinner, I had a chocolate brownies for desert and mom and I shared a pizza for tea.  Today we’ve weighed ourselve and me and my bestie are on it together, healthy and happy all the way, I’m not interested in big losses, I want liveable consistency.  I enjoy food too much to radically change the way I eat, I’m not willing to go hungry, nor cut out those occasional meals where you just don’t want to ProPoint such as yesterday’s dinner.  I am however willing to continue making those tweaks that are easy to do and also enjoyable, the changes I make don’t make me feel like I’m ‘dieting’ they just make me realise I’m being more observant about my choices.

I love these programmes that say ‘dieting doesn’t work’ because once you stop ‘dieting’ the weight goes straight back on! DOH yeah, bit like washing, that doesn’t work unless you do it daily, of course you’re gonna stink if you only wash once, just like unless you make changes to your eating patterns that are sustainable long term you’re never going to keep the weight off. 
Most of the weight I lost, I’ve kept off, I know I’ll always play around with this last bit because it’s my personality, it’s who I am, my love of food and fine wine is greater than my love of my appearance, I have no desire to be a size ten and I don’t believe this bit of extra weight affects my health dramatically or enough to bother me!  Does that make sense?  

Those programmes are right in that short term, quick fixes are just a waste of time, because we can’t keep that momentum going, what everyone should focus on is eating healthier and hopefully moving a bit more, again find ways to move that aren’t going to cost you a fortune and that you can keep up.  There ain’t no cheaper workout than a walk round the park followed by a good housework session!

Find ways to help yourself, things that will make it easier, maybe get into a routine of some sort, I know planning helps massively so I will do that this morning when I’ve finished writing my blog, I have a freezer full of meat so that’s a bonus, I’ve got leftovers from yesterday to have another dinner today, most of it is Filling & Healthy.  Might go to Aldi this week for veggies, they’re always good quality and a good price.

It may sound strange but I actually like being me and struggling with my weight, I would rather that than not enjoy food at all!  I enjoy the normality of my life, I used to travel the world looking for ‘new’ things or that ‘buzz’ whereas now I’m happy to stay home and chill, I get great enjoyment out of baking brownies or cooking a Sunday roast.  An old friend called me yesterday and accused me of avoiding him, I explained it wasn’t him, it’s everyone, I just enjoy being a homebody, spending time with my mom, it suits me where I am in my life right now.   I did promise to meet up in a few weeks though to catch up, just to prove I’m not turning into a hermit ;-)
I’m fancying the donor kebab recipe this week I think http://www.happyowls.co.uk/365days/day16.html I do like that and I have mince in the freezer.  

Also fancy something with bacon as I have a lot of it, so need to have a search for a recipe, any suggestions, email me please… info@happyowls.co.uk
I really should get moving, things to do etc, meal plan to put together ;)

Happy Monday to you, remember Eat Gorgeous & BeYOUtiful. xx

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