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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A change is as good as a rest!

27th February 2014
Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. Arnold H. Glasow
Well I don’t know what came over me yesterday but I had to cancel my hair appointment because of mom’s operation next week and she said “I can fit you in today”, so I thought great I’ll get my ends trimmed.  I’ve been growing the colour out since last July, decided to go to my natural colour with all the grey to see what it looks like, however as I have it tied back 99% of the time I was starting to get a grey head and a brownish ponytail!  Well to cut a long story short as I was driving there I remembered it was ten years ago this month that I had it all shaved off bald for charity, and I toyed with that idea for a while, realised what a pain it was the last time and changed my mind.  I told the hairdresser my thoughts and then said I could just have it cut short and BANG there it was gone, all my long hair on the floor, little Emma’s eyes lit up at the idea of cutting it all off and I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of hairdressers, they never think about the fact you have to try to make it look the same the next day, but I am chuffed with the result and it looks okay this morning too so I’m not going to have to try and sort it out ;)
Apparently it knocks years off me (I must have been looking proper worn out before!) and it makes me look ‘better’ ooo I was quite happy with my previous image lol, I’m a practical girl, tying my hair up was convenient, I’m not vain enough to be bothered if I ‘look good’ as long as I’m healthy and happy in my own skin.  I must say though, I’ve had lots of compliments and they’re always lovely to receive.  If the next time you see me I’m in a baseball cap, you’ll know I can’t do anything with it!

Now to the more important business of food – yesterday morning I noticed that some bake at home baguettes had past their sell by date by a day so I decided to get them used, however when I weighed them they were 10pp each = ouch!  I baked them whilst cooking 4 Weight Watcher Cumberland sausage (4pp) and once cooked I tore the soft squidgy filling out of the bread and saved myself 4pp which covered my sausage, and I had a delicious 10pp huge sausage baguette with brown sauce (8g = 0pp, I weighed it by putting the plate and zeroing off my scales then squirting my sauce) and it was delicious!

Weight Watcher sausages - 1 = 1pp, 2 = 3pp, 3 = 4pp
(Weigh your food, get the correct ProPoints values!)

For lunch I had leftover salmon from day before and microwave chilli flavour rice with cherry tomatoes (10pp) and for tea I had a muffing with chorizo and cheese (11pp) and I earned 5pp on my pedometer.

I’m fancying a toasted tuna sandwich today I think, just seen a picture of one in last weeks, YOUR WEEK and thought mmm yes, there are also some very delicious looking cakes in the new Weight Watcher magazine that arrived yesterday which I might have to have a go at this weekend.  

Before that though I have a busy day of meetings in Bloxwich with my BeYOUtiful Bloxwich Babes, time to get ready for a giggle and lots of weight loss success, it’s been a great week looking at portion sizes and identifying those ‘ISH’ members! 

Have a great day and of course Eat Gorgeous. xx

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