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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lots of food piccy's today!

26th September 2013
No matter how hard things were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better. — Unknown
Woke just as the alarm clicked this morning, with a snotty nose and a bit of a blocked head, that sore throat I had the start of last Saturday has finally surfaced I think into a bit of a head cold, boo, I don’t feel poorly bad though so it’s all good.  I’ll just make sure I eat lots of good food today and drink plenty water and scare it off!  Moms not 100% either she’s got a bad stomach and been feeling a bit off, poor love.  It’s that time of year now, I’ve noticed in my meetings lots of members have had colds, sickness bugs etc, and apparently quite a few have been experiencing the munchies, or craving carbs, it’s the change in the weather isn’t it, and it’s been a crazy change, from really cold to hot within hours, its the start of the winter blues, we’ll take some adjusting to the dark mornings and the grey days.  The new Weight Watcher magazine arrived yesterday and there’s actually an article in it on the winter blues and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) makes for good reading. 
Speaking of the magazine, one of my members bought in some carrot and courgette cake yesterday, they’d had the recipe from the August edition, it was delicious, so moist went down very well with the members in the meeting, so if you’re into you’re baking, dig out the recipe because it’s seriously good, it’s also a great way to use up all those courgettes that are growing into marrows in your veggie plot!
And whilst we're talking of veggies, I’ve grown tomatoes this year I have two plants and at least 30 big tomatoes on them, the only problem is they’re still green.  How pleased was I when I watched on starting to redden up, I picked it and look what was on the other side!
GUTTED lol, but I salvaged the good side and if all the others redden they’re gonna be absolutely delicious.  You can’t beat fresh veggies, can you.
Oh look at that we’ve got round to food, only a matter of time on my blog, love eating I do ;) Whoever said ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ obviously had no taste buds in my opinion!  I’m all about the healthy and happy but I’m certainly not delusional, if they invented a Big Mac tomorrow that was calorie, I’d be there, I LOVE FOOD, and there are so many things that taste better than the skinny ;-) such as my meals yesterday, this is how my day looked;
Breakfast - BBQ beans (4pp), egg (2pp), slice toast (3pp)
Dinner – Aunt Bessie toad in the hole (half portion 12pp), home made onion gravy (1pp), carrots, broccoli
Tea – smoked haddock (6pp), couscous stuffed pepper (3pp)
Snack – Carrot and Courgette cake (4pp)


 I nipped into Asda for a few bits and found these cute crumpets, only 2pp each;


Also, I haven’t made them but I found a recipe for pancakes that completely Filling & healthy if you use the oil from your daily allowance, and I've been told that they are delicious.

Total Greek Healthy Pancake Recipe
10pp total if using 1 teaspoon of oil, or completely F&H
·        2 eggs (4pp)
·        40g oat flour* (4pp) *To make oat flour simply blend rolled oats (porridge oats) in a blender for a few seconds. I make a big batch of oat flour at once and store it in an air-tight jar! Or you could use Ultra Fine Scottish Oats (Ground Oats).
·        100g 0% fat Total Greek yoghurt (1pp)
·        Oil spray for cooking or a pan liner cut to fit your frying pan!
·        Extras - Vanilla essence and sweetener if required
1.     Add your eggs, oat flour, Greek yoghurt and extra flavours if using to a bowl
2.     Whisk until light & fluffy - I used an electric whisk
3.     Heat your pan on a medium heat, with your oil, and pour in small amounts of the mixture (to create a  pancake stack cook 2 small pancakes in the pan for the base and then cook batches of 3 pancakes per pan for the rest of the pancake stack!)
4.     Cook each pancake for 2-3 minutes before flipping with a spatula and placing on a plate once cooked - repeat until you have none of the mixture left
5.     Stack your pancakes in a pile and top with your favourite toppings!   I chose more Greek yoghurt, banana, frozen berries, cinnamon
I know some of you that read my blog may not know about my facebook page, but this is where I post stuff throughout the day, so when I’m out and about if I find food magic, this is where I share it;
Feel free to like my page.
Right I better get my backside into gear, 5 meetings to do today, lots of Weight Watchers waiting to lose weight, been a good week so far, I love seeing the smiling faces at the scales, even those who’ve had a bad week smile in my meeting because we’re all about the reality of life and as we’re discussing this week “life gets in the way” sometimes and it’s important to make time for you as you’re important too!
So today, Eat Gorgeous, BEyouTIFUL and know you’re amazing xx
I’m going to start my day with a Beechams because they’re great when you have a cold, much better than sucking soothers or the like all day which are just little balls of sugary empty promises of betterness! You’re better off sipping a bottle of water throughout the day and taking a couple of paracetomal. 

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