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Sunday, 15 September 2013

I FEEL FAT - what does that really mean!

15th September 2013
 To be rich, is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart.

There’s a reason Beetroot isn’t in my trolley regularly, because it’s too much hassle and the results aren’t worth it!  As you can guess I cooked it, we had roasted beetroot risotto, mom enjoyed it, I wasn’t overly impressed and I wouldn’t cook it again. 
I did have the best burger for tea though, I’m liking Muffins at the moment, they’re only 4pp and seem more substantial that a bread cob, 12pp of absolutely delicious with fried onions, mushrooms, tomato, gherkin and cheese mmm, great tea.
It would have been so easy to overeat yesterday and go off track, writing it down in my journal reminded me why I started it on Tuesday, I want to lose 1lb a week till December.  Yes I could’ve eaten a plate of chips with the burger however I wasn’t hungry after I’d eaten the burger so I obviously didn’t need the chips or anything else.
I read a status on Facebook yesterday, someone had put they ‘felt fat’! What does that actually mean?  Fat isn’t a feeling is it, happy, sad, mad are feelings, but feeling fat is a whole different issue!
I was trying to remember the last time I felt fat, it would have been trying on clothes in one of those surround sound like mirrors dressing rooms, now I’d been with my body and size for a good while but suddenly “I FELT FAT!”, I don’t think I’d have felt that way at that time if I hadn’t been shopping for a particular outfit, so how come when I hadn’t gained an ounce did I suddenly feel fat, a feeling I hadn’t had for so long.  On that occasion it wasn’t FAT I was feeling it was anxious, I was nervous about the event I was trying to buy the outfit, maybe feeling a bit insecure about attending something I would feel a little out of my depth at, and because society deems ‘thinness’ to be the excepted and it’s created an unhealthy obsession in our world it’s easy to focus on that as the problem, rather than what really is wrong!  We don't feel fat in the body, the place we feel fat is in the mind.  And unfortunately feeling fat can actually make you feel worse that being it! 
The moral of the story is I may have been feeling stressed, unhappy anxious, tired, mad or nervous that day but I wasn’t feeling fat because fat isn’t a feeling.

So the next time you ‘feel fat’ as yourself what you really feel, because it’s not really about your body, it’s about you, take a look at how you are really feeling, are you thinking, “If I wasn’t fat I would be ok with myself/ I’d be able to do ……/I would have the confidence for……” You don’t have to be ‘slim’ or ‘lighter’ to have high self-esteem, trust me I know plenty thin people with very low self esteem!  All the make up and clothes in the world can’t give you self esteem, you acquire it from within not without.  Thinness and happiness are not synonymous. You can be fat and happy or you can be thin and very unhappy.  Yet in spite of there being absolutely no connection between happiness and external appearance, so many have convinced themselves that pounds and inches measure our self-worth and dictate our happiness.  Trust me – it doesn’t!
The camera never lies!  Hell yes it does depending on who's looking at the photos!  So do mirrors, depending on who's looking in them!  If you’re unforgiving and critical of yourself, you won’t see the beauty that others do, try looking in that same mirror with compassion and respect for yourself, look with kinder eyes.
See the gorgeousness and BeYOUtiful. xx

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Fiona P said...

Well said Beverley x