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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st March 2011

Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day. Lawrence Welk
What a day, what a day, yesterday I lost 700 contacts from my mobile text package, not impressed but I decided to look at the positive, as it showed me the majority of people do want to receive them. I have had a few reply ‘STOP’ and it makes me a little sad, but when I sent a text to all the numbers saying I’d lost everyone’s info and could the reply back their name and meeting, I had 200 replies in under a minute which made me feel good enough to be happy to retype in all those names and details!

It appears my emails aren’t getting to you either, so hopefully you’re managing to read this via the blog or facebook group discussion wall!
I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday and whilst buying potatos noticed some little signs suggesting meal ideas, so I took a photo of the one and it said, “why not try olive oil over cooked potatoes, topped with blue cheese and pear on a bed of watercress”, so I did, although instead of the olive oil I tossed the potatoes in 1pp worth of I can’t believe it’s not butter. It was all very tasty for 10pp.

Then for tea, I had the leftover cooked potatoes and stir fried them with some chorizo, peppers, spring onions, courgette, aubergine, capers, on a bed of watercress, and again very tasty for 10pp.

And I’d just like to remind you that sometimes it’s good to have what you fancy, someone had mentioned cream horns when we were all walking round the park yesterday morning and I thought ooo I could just eat that, haven’t had one for ages, so when I went to Sainsbury’s they had fresh cream raspberry turnovers (similar enough) on offer for 69p for two and 9pp each, so I had one of those out of my weekly allowance and it was scrumptious. If I hadn’t had it I would have thought about it for days. On the night talking to Marita who helps me weigh, she told me how she stares longingly in Sainsbury’s at the fresh cream meringues so I looked them up on esource and guess what, they’re only 4pp, she couldn’t believe she’s been going so long without them!
Life’s to short not to have a bit of what you fancy, the secret to successful long term weight loss is everything in moderation, it’s all about the portion sizes, the best investment you can make are the Weight Watcher kitchen scales so that you can weigh your food to make sure you’re eating the correct portions.

1st March, can’t believe we’re already this far into the year! Have a fabulous day/week/year/life, you need to enjoy it as we only get one shot ;) xx

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