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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Stone Cold Sober!

19th April 2014
Life is tough – but so are you!

Just finished putting together my IKEA units, that’s the first time in a long time the first thing I’ve done in a morning wasn’t my blog, glad I’ve got it done now, although I’ve not finished, that’s one room clean and tidy now for the rest of the house!  We really are a messy pair of rubbish collectors! 

So I have a nice new living room and we’ve gone with a yellow and grey theme, maybe not to everyone’s taste, but we likes it and the yellow is like sunshine in the house, what’s not to love about that idea!  Just one last piece to fetch and then it’s complete.

I have a rocking chair that I’m going to paint next and that will be going in the garden so mom can proper chill out this summer, I’ve bought a cover for it so it doesn’t get water damaged too badly, it only cost me a tenner last year anyway so it’s not the end of the world if it falls apart.  I also have a drop down leaf laminate table that I want to revamp; I’m thinking paint or decoupage!  Gotta love Pinterest for ideas, will be having a good look later. 

Well I would’ve loved a glass of wine last night to round off an extremely productive day, but I didn’t succumb, I’ve said I’ll do 21 days and I will, although I shall look forward to having a glass at the earliest opportunity, I think I’ve established it’s not making a great deal of difference to my moods or energy levels as long as it’s balanced and not consumed to excess.  I definitely could go without in the week, I’ve established that, a glass or two at weekends is enjoyable though.

Another half day of doing, I need to make one more trip to IKEA, then off to the garden centre and  meeting my bestie for coffee at lunchtime before my massage and an afternoon of relaxation.  Like we’ve already established it’s all about balance,  I plan to chill out from noon onwards today, everything else can wait till tomorrow, I fancy a movie later and I was just about to say a glass of wine – boo – who’s idea was this 21 days thing!  Oh yeah mine!

Oh well I’m sure I can relax with a mug of hot milk :0), actually I really do enjoy a mug of hot milk.  I’m waffling this morning so I’m off, have a good day whatever you have planned, enjoy this beautiful sunshine and take the time to take in the beauty of Spring, all that gorgeous blossom on the trees, the flowers and the birds, love Spring I do.

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