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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

BeYOUtiful - BeUnique - BE YOU!

22nd April 2014
The good stuff is always worth the work it takes. 

Slept till the alarm this morning and happily could’ve had another hour, it has been a weekend full of doing that for sure, I’ve got a lovely new living out of it and yesterday I planted up 16 hanging baskets for the back garden and 4 troughs, then I cleaned the inside of my car (it had to be a year since the last time!) Yes one heck of a busy weekend so I’m going to work for a rest today :)!

 My work is never more rewarding than when it makes a difference to the way someone views life or a situation and yesterday I had a lovely online chat with one of my members who’d been struggling for a while, this was part of her message;

“Since our chat, I’ve done a lot of thinking the past few weeks and I’ve come to the decision that I choose to be happy with whatever life throws at me and since I’ve done that I feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders, I'm a lot calmer and I'm coping with my sons tantrums a lot better (he has behavioural problems & is being tested for autism).  I’ve stopped blaming him for being "naughty" and now I’ve stopped rushing around I’ve had time to stop and listen to him and think about what's going through his mind and his bad days are still bad but I'm not making them worse by adding my own problems to the situation.  I don't conform to what society believes is beautiful and he doesn't conform to what society believes is normal but I now know we don't have to because I am beautiful to him and he is my beautiful normal.”

I just love that statement, I love that she has realised she is BeYOUtiful and he is perfect, nothing society believes or thinks can alter that reality and to think she came to that conclusion after having a chat with her leader at the scales, and most people think Weight Watchers is all about getting weighed and losing weight!  Nope there’s a lot more to our meetings than that and that’s why Weight Watchers mostly works because of the group support, oh yes and an amazingly liveable weight loss plan!

I just love the idea of not conforming, are you ready to be your own version of BeYOUtiful, isn’t it more interesting to BeYOUnique?  Yep trust me, Be YOU and others will love you and you’ll be much happier when you stop trying to be something or someone you’re not.  

Healthy and Happy all the way is the order of the day. 

Short one this morning, I’ve got a lot to do this morning and waking up properly first is one of them!

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