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Monday, 28 April 2014

21 days dry!

28th April 2014
If nothing ever changed – there would be no butterflies!

On the 8th April I blogged;

“So yesterday I decided to try the 21 days short term habit change, instead of committing to changing forever, I’ve just committed to changing for 21 days, then if that works I may try another 21 days, we shall see.  What habit am I going to work on?  Well which is my worst habit?  Drinking of course, so for 21 days I shall be abstaining from the lovely stuff that is alcohol!  WHY?  Because I heard myself speak these words last week, “If I didn’t drink I wouldn’t have a weight problem, I reckon I’d get back to my goal easily”.”

I did it, day 21 was yesterday, so has it made a difference?  Well firstly since then I’ve lost 2.5lb, not a massive weight loss however I haven’t had a gain in those 3 weeks, that’s the first time I’ve done that this year!

I knew that I wouldn’t change a habit in 21 days, what I did believe was that in 21 days I’d get to look back at whether that change had made a difference to how I was feeling. 

Has it?

Yes, I have to admit it has…


Okay firstly I’ve developed a bit of a sweet tooth!  That’s not so great but something that is calming down and can be sorted I’m sure.

The good stuff is no discomfort from heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux.  I’ve realised I can sit and relax without the assistance of a glass of wine to chill me out, my sleep I think has been better too, haven’t woke up with sweats or bad dreams this month.  Oh I’ve saved about £60, although I’ve more than spent that on things to keep me occupied because I’ve had more time to ‘do stuff’ on my hands, instead of sitting round tired all weekend I’ve had more energy to get in the garden, sort my living room, do a charity day.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve still had days where I’ve done nothing all day, I need them, it’s called being 44 and working a 44 hour week most weeks, over 50 last week, when I work those hours, I need down time, however I don’t need wine to relax in those down times – I can actually chill with tea!

Oh I missed out the most obvious change and the main reason I did this 21 day thing – MY MOODS!  I haven’t wanted to kill anyone this month, the only tears I shed have been good ones, yes my mood is much lighter and I feel like the old me again, not that hormonal crazy cow I’ve been feeling like the last few months.  I have to admit that yes I might be heading towards menopause and my hormones do affect my mood but adding alcohol to the equation, even just a glass a night wasn’t helping the situation at all!

Will I be partaking in a glass of the red stuff this evening?  Nope, I want to do the full month to see if my monthly cycle is affected, to be honest I don’t even want a glass, I haven’t thought about it at all for the last week, the first couple of weekends I was “ooo I could just drink a glass of wine” but now I’m not fussed.  I’m not saying I’ll never drink again but for now it’s just not needed, the benefits of not drinking are far outweighing the benefits of drinking and that was why I started the 21 day thing in the first place because saying I was only giving up for 21 days didn’t scare me so much!

Is there something you’re eating / drinking / doing that’s not really doing you any good?  That you know is bad for your health?  I’m all for the healthy and happy, all about the balance, but if something is affecting how you feel or behave, it’s time to evaluate the situation and make a change BeYOUtiful. xx

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