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Friday, 25 April 2014

Shall mostly be being a big kid today ;-)

25th April 2014
Don’t stress the ‘could haves’!  If it should have, it would have!  From today decide to make good on the promises you make to yourself.

Oh I do love a lie in, almost 7am that’s good for me and now I’m all energised ready for my day, off to see Spiderman 2 this afternoon, can’t wait, I really enjoyed the first one on Sky a couple of weeks ago.  Oh maaaan they sell popcorn there, I have to be strong, a small is 11pp, the large is 24pp, I’m thinking a ProPoints day because I know I want popcorn and I’m not going without, plus I’m going with a 6 year old superhero who eats like a hound, seriously he sat on the front row of my meeting (right in front of me – torturing me with his food he was I reckon) with his mom yesterday morning munching his way through a chocolate mini roll, starburst and Pringles, I like his style I have to admit, but I’m not sitting in a cinema with him whilst he munchies his way through whatever he choices and I have a diet coke – not gonna happen.  Even if I pretended I was going to be ‘strong’ and resist, I know as soon as I get to the counter in there I’d be thinking “nothing for me thank you” whilst shaking my head from side to side, but my tourettes would kick in and I’d say “large popcorn please” I just have no willpower at all this week, it’s the week of the month where my appetite roars!  My tempers good though so that’s a bonus, day 19 of no booze, so maybe it’s made a little difference, we shall see how the rest of the week pans out.  Just looking at the ProPoints in stuff from cinema, I’m so glass I don’t like those Nachos 22pp with cheese sauce!  And Pick n Mix oh my days, what I’d do to be a 6 year old just for one day so I could fill my belly full of them and not think about the ProPoints because I’d run them off on the afternoon playing Spiderman with my mates, mmm I could do that at 44 surely, do I care if anyone watches me and laughs, I’ll get me a cape and a mask maybe, hide my pedometer underneath my Superhero vest, I’m liking this idea, what could I call myself, “Hormone Girl”, yeah she’d kick Spiderman, Batman and Supermans backside if they turned up the wrong week of the month ;-)!

Back to reality - tomorrow I’m at Sainsbury’s, Reedswood Way . WALSALL . WS2 8XA tomorrow, I’m part of a charity day in which there will be raffles, tombola’s, facepainting, CAKES, breast awareness and a Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike to have your photo take with.  Barbara one of my lovely members has organised the event and will also be having her head shaved bald – having had this done myself ten years ago, I can appreciate the sacrifice she’s making!  Oh and did I mention CAKES – all made by my amazing members, there will be a chance to have a go at “guess the weight” as well as chance to purchase our deliciousness – my members bake good cake!  It would be lovely to see some of you, keep me company for ten minutes or so, or nip along for a natter about your weight if you haven’t ever been to one of my meetings or not been for a while and want to restart.

But first I have to finish my work, make and leave mom some lunch and do the normal day stuff that has to be done, I do likes my life.  Not having a holiday this year, I don’t need one, we’re gonna holiday in our garden, chill out, enjoy the beauty and peace of it all without having to drive a few hundred mile first.   Deciding to do that has got me a nice new living room, so it feels like a different place every day at the moment.

Love my life I do – how do you feel about yours BeYOUtiful?

Have a great day, focus on the healthy and happy. xx

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