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Monday, 21 April 2014

Do you really want to lose weight? WHY?

21st April 2014
People who uplift you are the best kind of people.  You don’t simply keep them.  You have to treasure them. Dodinsky.

I did none of the things I’d planned to do yesterday, instead mom and I had a Lord of the Rings movie fest which lasted the duration of the day!  I did manage an hour in my office so at least I can see the floor in there now, I just didn’t have the energy or inclination to do anything else, I was shattered and needed to chill out.

I’ll skip making a to do list today I think, I’ll just go with the flow and do whatever I feel like, weathers not great out there which is a shame for the first Bank Holiday Monday of the year, probably means the shops will be heaving though so whatever I do, I won’t be straying too far from home.

I lost 1/2lb this morning, I’ll take that, that’s two consecutive losses in the last two weeks, haven’t done that in a while and I didn’t exactly have the best week it has to be said, had Christmas pudding yesterday, we also had ready meals for dinner, I didn’t make my roast either, too engrossed in the films.   I will be cooking it today though, a proper meal with meat and veggies and gravy, just what I fancy.  My body is actually screaming “feed me well, I need vegetables and water!”  Yes I am glad my body doesn’t take lightly to not eating healthy because that way I can’t continue to eat badly without realising because my body literally screams ‘STOP’ pretty damn quickly!

There were no Easter Eggs in our house, although if there had been I won’t lie I would’ve indulged, seeing all of them over Facebook really wasn’t helping on the “I want chocolate” stakes!  I even gave my yellow chocolate duck to my mom as her Easter gift, it was worth it to see the smile on her face ;) 
My BeYOUtiful mom at Easter!

I’m guessing there was quite a bit of overindulging this weekend by quite a few members, not to worry just don’t let it continue if you were one of them, back on track as soon as, today even!  Remind yourself of all the reasons you are choosing to lose weight, to eat healthily – it isn’t just to fit in a smaller pair of jeans I’m sure, although that is a bonus I won’t lie! 

For me it’s to feel energised and well, I haven’t indulged in alcohol for 14 days now, I’m 2/3rds of the way through my 21 day challenge and it gets easier by the day, I don’t think it’ll turn into a permanent abstinence but yesterday certainly proved I can chill out and relax without the assistance of a glass or two of the red stuff.  I managed to relax extremely well yesterday, from 12 noon till I went to bed, I had no trouble at all!

Back to those reasons, how and why will losing make you feel better?

Seriously you really need to answer the question “WHY do you want to lose weight?”

Some suggestions;
  • To fit in your jeans comfortably!
  • To get your goal weight at Weight Watchers so you can be a Gold member who doesn’t have to pay to attend meetings!
  • To get your blood pressure down, your cholesterol ‘normal’ and lower your chances of diabetes and other weight related illnesses.
  • To live long enough to see your children and your grand-children grow up.
  • To feel good about yourself and your body – although you can do that at any weight is my belief.   Weight loss does tend to improve a person’s self-esteem though, I watch so many people have increased confidence as they lose weight.
  • To have more energy, to be able to climb the stairs, go on a long walk.
  • Improve your sex life – losing weight can increase your sexual appetite and desire – try it you might like it ;)
  • To prove to yourself and anyone else YOU CAN DO IT!
So many reasons, yet each of us has a slight variation of them, so spend some time thinking about your ‘why(s)’ what do you like about your current health and appearance or what do you believe you would like to see / feel like instead.  Then ask yourself whether those reasons are important enough to keep you on track – does not being able to fit in your clothes bothering you a little or a lot, would you be happy to buy a bigger size instead?

Only you know if losing weight is important enough to you, the one thing I can tell you is it isn’t easy, but if it’s important enough to you – it’s worth it because you’re important BeYOUtiful.

So Eat Gorgeous & Focus on the Healthy & Happy. xx

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