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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Proper live wire me!

25th August 2012

Life isn't tied with a ribbon but it's still a gift!

Well I'm not stupid at all - I won't have it said! This morning plugged my adaptor into charge my iPhone and an hour later it still wasn't charged so I thought I'd try it it another plug still no luck so when I took the plug out one of the pins had stayed in the plug hole so stupidly I went to pull it out with my fingers and got a crazy electric shock! Nope I'm not stupid at all :-).

Then as if that wasn't enough I got stung by something mean and nasty on the beach! They say these things come in free so I'm keeping my head down.

37 degrees it was here in Corfu yesterday, that is bloomin warm I tell ya! You can't drink enough water to keep you hydrated in that heat but it didn't stop me trying. We had a fabulous lunch of Greekness the Tzatziki and taramasalata was amazing, the danger is the bread it's too easy to consume.

Apart from a few too many lemoncello's on Friday night I've been quite good on the alcohol intake, it's too hot to get hungover and I know if we start that's how it's turn out, so glass of wine at lunch and a beer later was plenty for me yesterday.

Family's are very complicated aren't they, driving you to despair at time but despite that I still love mine! Friends are the family you choose for yourself and I have to say I have the best, I really do and I love them dearly. They're are all such different characters and I am blessed that they choose to be part of my life.

I'd love to go for a real long walk but it's just too hot, maybe if I wake early and it's a little cooler I'll go out for a couple of hours.

It's almost 11pm here not an we are reminiscing and having a music quiz 'name that tune and artist' using the iPod. I'm havin a fab time and there's no food or booze involved which proves you can :-)

Enjoy your Sunday x

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