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Friday, 31 August 2012

It's all about the healthy now....

Well moms gonna be rattling like a sweet jar with all the tablets we've been given ;-) Once she's feeling better in herself she's going to live telling everyone how ill she is now, mom is a bit of a hypochondriac so to actually have real things wrong is gonna be fab for her (tee hee)

So she has ct scan and an ECG, apparently she has a heart murmur, the veins or arteries in her neck were clogged or whatever it is but not too bad for a woman of her age, ECG was clear bonus and next we will be sent app for heart scan. She has high blood pressure and cholesterol so tablets for both and another for stroke prevention. I did smile when the doctor did the follow my finger, push my hands away, pull my arms as mom likes to do her best and nearly pulled/pushed doctor lady over, doctor said "strong lady' luv it!

It's all about the healthy now in our house! I will be making sure she eats regularly and has good food, now I've bought the table back into the living room we can sit and eat and talk. She can still have her sweet stuff just not instead of proper meals and hopefully it'll help me too.

I've really appreciated all the love and support from everyone, people are what life is all bout not food!

Can't believe how cool it is this morning, I'm walking and writing this on my phone and my fingers are really cold!

I am looking forward to not rushing today, I have lots to do but it'll be at my own pace, it's been a crazy 7 days, some of it fantastic, some of it horrid but all of it part of life's rich pattern and nothing that can't be coped with as long as you keep smiling ;-)

I've just taken some nice lamb chops out of the freezer, we're going to have a scrumptious lamb hotpot tonight as mom likes a bit of lamb cooked in oven as she would say, it won't be a regular but alright as a treat. We'll be eating a lot more oily fish in future for sure, I've got enough food in the freezer to keep us going for a good few days do over the weekend I'll sort my kitchen (ooo that's next weeks topic sorting your surroundings) and plan some meals and do a shopping list, I might even do four weeks worth and then I can just repeat them monthly, that'd take some hassle away! Mmm I likes that idea and yes before anyway says it I know I've had that idea before but hey - if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I remember being told that as a child and it worked for me with Weight Watchers, I got to goal and rejoined so many times since I was 18 but finally I got it sussed, 8 years now. Not always at goal maybe but always aware and never giving in.

Me and Alfie are enjoying our morning stroll although we are a bit late and he's walking me through the busier roads so it's a little noisy. I've got so much paperwork to do, I don't actually want to go home, it'll be ok once I start.

Yay it's Friday and the kids go back to school next week moms so I'm looking forward to all of us getting back to it x

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