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Sunday, 30 January 2011

30th January 2011

Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will. Norman Vincent Peale

It’s cold this morning, although I’m pleased cos I’ve managed a lie in, 6.30am! Yeah that’s a lie-in for me but even better because I took my lazy butt to bed at 8.30pm – whoop, whoop, loads of sleep, sometimes its just what you need. It’s important to give your body what it needs, even if sometimes that’s not what you’d prefer, especially when it comes to food!

Today after I’ve walked Alfie, I intend to plan my week, I want to have a super healthy week that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, so I’m going to sit down and actually plan the entire week to ensure I get those important 5 a day or more, and to make sure I’m getting my calcium and everything else my body needs. I’m going to do it by using all the food I already have in the cupboards so that I don’t need to go shopping too. That way it’ll save me a few pounds in my purse as well as on my waist hopefully!

I’ve already made a Rogan Josh (Patak’s jar) curry on Friday and frozen that, which is 7pp a portion, I added extra onion and diced carrot to that too, so that’s extra veggies that aren’t noticeable. I can serve that with rice, that’s one meal sorted. I may add spinach to the plate too to give me an extra of my 5 a day.

There’s also a leftover Nigella garlic chicken (13pp) I can have with butternut squash and carrots, so that’s two main meals sorted already. See how easy it is to plan your meals, I’ve done two meals just typing this email.

Okay so it’s Sunday and you’ve hopefully got a little time on your hands today, so why don’t you do the same and have a go at meal planning, why not share your plans on the group wall and give others ideas.

Anyway I’ve gotta cut it short today, I have very irate puppy who knows it’s time for his walk and is telling me it wasn’t him that slept in!!

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