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Friday, 21 January 2011

21st January 2011 facebook email

Life is short, forgive sooner and always keep smiling.
Well I’m truly inspired by all my members this week, I’ve never seen such positivity even from those who haven’t lost. The week ended with a staggering weight loss of 84½ stone (average weight loss of 1.97lb per person), which is just incredible, the meeting with the best overall average for the week was Monday morning meeting at Bloxwich, with an average of 2.41lb so well done all of you.

Sometimes however we don’t get the results we expect and why that is I can’t always explain, I can empathise and check trackers, offer suggestions, but real answers sometimes just aren’t there. Yesterday morning when one of my helpers told me she’d ate everyone of her daily and weekly allowance and that she’d also earnt 50 ProPoints doing exercise and she’d ate them too, I sort of gulped and thought omg she’s not gonna get a weight loss and she’s not gonna be happy, but when she stepped on the scales she’d lost 1.5lb, I was both amazed and pleased, especially as she’d also gone over by 18pp because she thought chick peas were zero ProPoints and they’re not!

At the other end of the scale, I’ve got her mate who has stuck to it 100% over the last two weeks, hasn’t eaten all her weekly ProPoints, has also been running 2½ miles every night and hasn’t lost an ounce! Go figure, why is this? Honestly I’m not sure, it could be that because she’s running she needs a little more food, but it might just be her body going through some changes and the weight loss will show in time. In these cases you just to be patient and stay with it. Easier said than done I know but worth it.

It’s also worth going back to basics and checking everything, when I shouted across my meeting room yesterday, “how many ProPoints in Walkers lites” most members replied 2, the answer was 3! Check, check and check again! Make sure you’re ProPointing everything correctly, check the portion sizes – weigh the food where possible. Be honest about your Activity ProPoints and most importantly has we’ve talked about in meetings this week – TRACK! And track everything and everyday, not just the good days.

Also attend your meeting, especially if you’ve had a bad week, that’s when you need your meeting more than ever.

I get weighed today by my boss and I know it’s not going to be good, but I also know the next time she weighs me it will be better and that’s what we all need to focus on, the good and the future.

One last thing, it’s great that you’re all using the wall to communicate, can I just say if you have a specific question for me to send it to me directly by text or email as I don’t always get to check the pages as regularly as I’d like.

Have a fabulous Friday – here comes the weekend, hope you’ve still got your 49pp!

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