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Sunday, 9 January 2011

9th January 2011 facebook email

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

A few moments spent planning ahead can make such a difference to your success. You don’t have to spend hours planning, but taking time to think ahead will help you stay on track.

If you returned to the meeting last week, this week I will give you a booklet called LIVE which has lots of tips in the ‘plan ahead’ section, those of you that came before Christmas will already have the booklet so take another look at it.

I sat and prepared my meeting for this week yesterday morning and WOW there are some delicious breakfast ideas in Your Week including bacon & cannellini beans on toast which I plan to make today and it looks delicious and much healthier than baked beans which have a high sugar and salt content. It serves four, but I can make it up and it’ll keep for a few days or I could freeze the other three portions to eat another day. There’s a recipe in there for sticky sausage and mushroom muffins that I fancy too, although I might serve it in a wrap rather than on a muffin.

Ooo I love food - don’t you? And I love the ProPoints plan because it doesn’t matter whether you like to cook or not, the plan suits everyone; you can tailor it to suit your lifestyle. OMG I’ve just looked at the week after copy of Your Week and there’s a delicious recipe for Banoffee Mousse and it’s only 2pp a serving, and the week after there’s a delicious tagliatelle recipe. I’m absolutely loving the new Your Weeks, they are fabulous.

Apparently according to hypnotherapists Bijan Daneshmand, “it’s easy to find excuses to do nothing. But this can make us lazy and lead to depression. Even the smallest achievement helps, so tidying that messy drawer will give you a positive mental boost”. Try it and if it works, you might find yourself moving on to big and better things!

I found an article with suggestions of ways to improve your health that aren’t too painful or impossible to keep up, but at the same time make a big difference. So I shall start suggesting one a day for the next couple of weeks.

So if you do one thing this year…

Activate your abs. “Put your hands on your tummy and cough, as you expel air, your tummy muscles tighten in towards your body. Hold that position as you go about your day, breathing properly. You should be able to walk, talk, sit, shop and exercise like this. Over a few weeks, your tummy muscles will become stronger and tighter, protecting your back”. I know this works because I’ve been making a conscious effort over the past month when walking the dog to pull in my stomach muscles and already I have noticed a different.

Speaking of which that’s where I’m off to in an hour, I’m going to walk Alfie over Lickey Hills, meeting up with a friend for a chat, it’s healthier than meeting for lunch! Hope you enjoy your Sunday too xx

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