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Thursday, 6 January 2011

6th January 2011

The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear. Maya Angelou

WOW, it’s so great to see so many faces I haven’t seen for a while and each and everyone of them ready and waiting to start the new ProPoints system, can’t wait to watch everyone start losing.

I’m so busy this week that cooking isn’t always an option! I try to be prepared but sometimes time just runs away and I don’t have time. That’s why Weight Watchers Pro Points is fantastic because you don’t have to cook from scratch, you can opt for a ready meal. In truth you can eat anything you want and stay within your daily Pro Points allowance, or if you do go a little over, you have the weekly allowance to fall back on.

So yesterday I started my day well with Rice Crispies, I had 2 of those daft little boxes from a variety pack, one is too small, so that was 5 ProPoints and 3 for my milk for the day. I’d taken chicken breasts out of the freezer the night before to make a recipe I’d found on Weight Watchers esource, but when I looked they were chicken wings that had defrosted. So before leaving for work on the morning I poured 100g hoisin sauce, 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 1 tablespoon sherry together into the food bag with the wings and left them there to marinate all morning.

When I got back at lunchtime, I put them in a dish to roast, topped with chopped courgettes and pepper and cooked for about 40 mins on gas mark 6, then lifted the wings out of the juice and blasted them for 10 minutes of 8 to crisp up. Absolutely delicious and filling too, in total the meal was 15 ProPoints, probably less points actually because a lot of the sauce ends up in the cooking dish, and it tasty scrumptious.

Unfortunately when I got home after an extremely busy meeting last night it was gone 8.30 and I wasn’t up for cooking and hadn’t thought about it before going out, so I succumbed to my first frozen ready meal in quite a while, it was a Tesco Chicken korma & pilau rice that I’d bought because it was reduced. OMG I’ve just pointed it up this morning and it’s 25 ProPoints!!!!! That means for the day yesterday I used a total of 48 ProPoints, 29 of those will be my daily allowance, leaving 19 to cover, luckily because I was so busy I earnt 8 ProPoints on my pedometer – YAY, which leave 11 ProPoints to come out of my weekly allowance of 49, so I’m still okay because I still have 38 weekly points to play with.

Oops I’ve just remembered, I indulged in my first red wine of the year too, so that’s another 12 ProPoints to add on yesterday making it a staggering 60 ProPoints used meaning I only have 26 ProPoints left to play with.

See how easy it is to forget things if you don’t write them down asap, I consumed 37 ProPoints after 9pm last night and I was in bed before 10.30!

Tracking is the most important thing you can do to help you succeed.

Learn from experience, I now know I have to have a few of my own ready meals made up in the freezer in case this happens again, if Weight Watchers and Tesco can make frozen ready-meals so can I and I know they’ll be bigger in size and smaller in ProPoints values!

Look forward to weighing lots of you ladies (& gents) today, it seems like forever since I’ve seen my Thursday Bloxwich Babes.

Here’s to another day of HONEST ProPointing xx

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