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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Today I'm going to Simply Cook!

30th March 2016
So far you've survived 100% of your worst days.  You're doing great.
I love that the clocks have gone forward, I really struggle when they go back but this morning I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and I feel ready to start my day, and what a busy one it's going to be!  I'm cooking in my meetings this week, that's going well, and I plan to cook at home today too.
I've had some Simply Cook cooking kits, the box contains four kits to help me cook four delicious meals, I just need to buy the fresh ingredients. Each kits has 3 pots to help cook the meal, these contain unique flavour blends that contain as many as 18 different ingredients! The perfectly measured kits may include culinary pastes, infused oils, garnishes, rubs, specialist stocks and herb/spice blends.  Yes I had that spiel from their website, but I have to say they look great and my mates been using them for a few weeks now.  Plus using this link you can get the first kit for £1 - bargain!  Even if you cancel the subscription and never have anymore.  I've left mine to recieve one pack a month, as it's a great way for me to try new foods.

The meal I've chosen to cook today is Chinese spiced duck salad, now it tells me theres 500 calories in the meal when cooked according to the instructions, I've worked out that two duck breasts with skin are 19sp, I happened to have two pheasant breasts in freezer that I bought for some reason, so I'm going to use them, they're skinless so only 5sp each, with all the spices in the kit, it'll be 8sp at most for the meal.  If I wanted to make it even lower, I could use chicken.  Tomorrow I'm doing BBQ Tandoori chicken with sweet potato wedges, that works out at about 16sp because it uses thighs with skin, again if I wanted lower points I could remove the skin or use breasts.  Can't wait to try them all, I've also got kits for Chicken tinga, Goan fish curry , Char Sui BBQ pork, Dukkah spiced salmon, west African peanut stew and lebanese lamb with aubergine pilaf.  I love that they come with a shopping list of the few ingredients you have to get and you can rip it off and pop it in your purse.  So clever!  All they need to do to improve it, is tell us the nutritional information or Smart Point the kits.  I think I might be emailing them today to make the suggestion!

Anyway, I'm getting over excited about food again, so back to reality, it's only 5.30am, too early to cook dinner ;)

And has I've already mentioned sweet potatoes above, here's a Smart Pointed recipe to enjoy something different, they're a good source of vitamin C you know and with so many colds around at the moment, you can all do with some of that.  They also have over 400% of your daily needs for vitamin A in just one spud, as well as being loaded with fiber and potassium, so they're great as a change from the good old ordinary spud.

Cheesy bacon stuffed sweet potato
Serves 1, 7sp

1 medium sweet potato (5sp)
25g low fat cheese (1sp)
1 rasher back bacon, grilled and chopped (1sp)
2 cherry tomatoes, quartered
freshly ground black pepper
salad leaves

Preheat over to 200oC, gas mark 6, prick potato and microwave on high for 5m, transfer to oven for a further 20m until cooked.  Scoop out potato and mash with the soft cheese, stir in bacon and tomato and season with pepper.  Return mash to the potato shell.  Heat the grill to medium, & grill potato until top in browned, serve with salad leaves.

Right I'm off to get ready for another great day, already drunk my pint of water, ready for the next and tomatoes on toast for brekkie I reckon with an egg on the top, mmm, love a bit of simple food.

Focus on the healthy and the happy BeYOUtiful.

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