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Saturday, 19 March 2016

My meeting's got me back on track...

19th March 2016
To fight fear, act.  To increase fear - wait, put off, postpone.  D J Schwartz
Well there's nothing like sitting in your Weight Watcher meeting to get you back on track, I had that experience myself yesterday, was so glad I went, I knew I was going to get a gain, I'm just surprised it wasn't higher.  This week I've eaten really good means but there's been no tracking and a lot of stuff thrown in that I wouldn't normally eat, little chocolate bunny's on sticks!  Chocolate lollies they call them, fat sticks they should be named!  There was also an incident on Thursday night that involved finding a packet of fig rolls in the cupboard, yes I confess I went looking for something, I was over the moon when I found my favs, I won't lie!  I'd never buy them, for the very reason of what happened next....  Mom had put them in the trolley when we went shopping a couple of weeks ago, but mom had put a lot of stuff in the trolley, I guess I need to get the girl under control!  Anyway, I found them and sat and ate 6, only to find out when I looked on my app whilst sitting in my meeting that they're 3sp each, ouch!  How I've only gained 1/2lb after some of the things I've consumed this week is beyond me, but also proof that I'm doing something right to get some kind of balance.  So my head has now been wobbled and I'm back in the zone and feeling good. 

I left my meeting feeling fully motivated and ready, I had me a walk round Lichfield as I was Billy No Mates yesterday, my besties had both had to cancel lunch, but on a positive that meant, it was one less thing to Smart Point.  Instead I bought me some fruit and veg from the market, blueberries 50p a tray!   Then I treated myself to a bottle of perfume, well I hadn't had to pay for lunch.

When I got home mom didn't want any dinner but I still cooked for me, yes I'm worth making the effort to cook for one and I'm so glad I did it was delicious.  I had 6 Heck Chicken Meatballs, roasted in the oven with green pepper and cherry tomatoes.  Wholewheat spagetti which I stirred a spoonful of chill tomato pasta sauce through.  The sauce was out of a jar that was 9sp - ouch, so I put the rest of it in an ice cube tray so that I can just take a couple of blocks out at a time and only use 1sp of sauce.  I served it all with a side salad of leaves, celery, Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.   Completely satisfied me for 10sp and because I hadn't really used any points all day, had a bit of fruit after my meeting and a ryvita before, it meant I could have a bit of wine and another ryvita with some stinky blue cheese on - mmm. 

An early night meant I didn't do any more damage, so that's day one in the bag.  No meeting next Friday because it's Easter and they can't have the venue, so I've got to survive two weeks. 

But first to make it through the weekend...

To help me do that I sat and made a list of meals I could make in the next seven days with what's in my fridge and cupboards, I've got to stay out of the supermarket now I've blown the bank on nice smelly perfume, at least they're no calories in that.

I've got a chicken for today, I'm going to be clucking soon we've ate that much chicken this week, but this will be the best one as it's from an M&S meal day, I'm going to make chicken and chips, mom loves her chips, then with the other half I'll make a roast dinner for tomorrow, mmm I might need to nip in Lidl's for yorkshire puddings or do I live without and save a Smart Point or two, decisions, decisions. 

This week I'm looking for ways to save both Smart Points and pennies.  Right I need to shake my tail feathers, I've got an awesome meeting to get too!   Love starting my weekend off with a giggle with my girls.

Have a great weekend BeYOUtiful, focus on the healthy and happy, be extra good this weekend as it's Easter next weekend!

Here's your Smart Point recipe for today, another old favourite, you can tweak it to lower the points by using less oil and switching butter for spread.  It's all down to personal choice and tastes and how much of your allowance you're willing to spend!

Cheese & Bacon Lasagne,
(total Smart Points 94) Serves 6 - 16pp each
Use low fat spread instead of butter for 7sp, that'll take it down to 14sp per serving.  You could always use less olive oil and save more points but it's a choice on whether you want to tweak to save.

Prep: 35m, cook: 40m.

This freezable, family-friendly recipe is economical and has a wonderful comfort-food feel about it and recipe can easily be doubled.

3 large onions, halved and thinly sliced         
3 tbsp olive oil (14sp)                                          
1 tsp dried oregano                                             
2 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes                    
50g grated Parmesan (7sp)
300g pack lean smoked back bacon, chopped (30sp)
20 basil leaves, roughly torn, plus extra to serve if you like
250g pack fresh egg lasagne (check pack for cooking instructions) (12sp)

For sauce;
600ml skimmed milk (8sp)
50g each butter (18sp) and plain flour (5sp)
generous grating fresh nutmeg

Fry the onions in the oil for about 15 mins until golden. Add the oregano and bacon and fry for 5 mins more, stirring frequently. Tip in the tomatoes, season and bubble uncovered for 5 mins.

Remove from the heat and stir in the basil.

Meanwhile, make the white sauce.

Pour the milk into a pan and tip in the butter and flour. Whisk continuously over a moderate heat to incorporate the flour, then simmer, stirring until thickened. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. 

Spoon a third of the tomato sauce on the base of a lasagne dish. Top with a third of the lasagne sheets. Then top with a third sauce, a third lasagne, the last of the tomato sauce and finally the last sheets of lasagne. Pour over the white sauce and scatter with the cheese and an extra grating of nutmeg. Chill. If eating straight away, bake at 190C/170C fan/gas 5 for 40 mins until golden and bubbling. Scatter with basil, if you like, and serve with a salad and garlic bread.

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