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Thursday, 17 March 2016

What does make you happy?

17th March 2016
Life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it. 

Morning!  Is it a good one?  That depends on you I guess, I've decided mines going to be a great one as was yesterdays. 

I had a delivery of Heck products yesterday at just gone eight, so it was a bit of a rush to sort that and get to work on time!  I'd done a bulk order for some of my members and needed room in the fridge to keep them cool till I take them to their meetings, so I was trying to shuffle everything about.  Decided in the end that the chicken that was in the fridge needed to be cooked to make space so I thought I'd throw it in the slow cooker.  Then I decided to see if that pot of love recipe (Monday's blog) would cook in the slow cooker, I put all the ingredients in (I didn't measure it out just guestimated (all No Count foods but not far off the recipe either as I'd cooked it the day before) I then skinned the whole chicken and plonked that on top, went to work and left it to it.

Seriously, it was delicious, when I got back I just stirred the whole chicken in as it fell apart as soon as it was touched.  Obviously it means there are bones in the bowl of food but we're all more than capable of spitting them out :)

I stuck to No Count yesterday as I've got my eating head on, I still overate, No Count doesn't really mean I should eat half a loaf of low calorie bread!  I need to get more veg back on my plate I know that's what's wrong and I will, the scales may not be friendly in the morning when I go to my meeting so that'll give me the kick I need to get me back on track I'm sure.

It's all part of the process, seeing where I'm straying, what needs changing or tweaking.  I made a big decision yesterday that I've been thinking about for a while now, so that will get me a few hours a week back, time is much more important to me than money right now.  I want time to spend with mom, time to enjoy life, to cook delicious foods, to enjoy my garden (now it's getting warmer), yeah I've learned to live without "stuff" so I can spend less and live more and the living we enjoy doing doesn't cost much, no fancy holidays to save up for, just need to cover the cost of cake and coffee on a drive out.  No expensive nights out with a new outfit, just need to be able to afford a bottle of wine on a Friday night and my Sky subscription (although that ain't cheap, but it's one of moms pleasures).  Yep the more balanced my life is, the easier it is to lose a few pounds, be healthy and happy - I likes it.

Anyway, off to work this morning so I need to shower, make moms breakfast and do all those other morning things that are on the to do list.  Here's to a great day, life's what you make it, so I'm making mine slower and easier, what you doing with yours BeYOUtiful?

Here's a bit of sweetness in the form of a Smart Points recipes this morning.

Bread Pudding
(total 32pp) uses 16sp from weekly allowance if following No Count

  • 8 oz/225 g calorie controlled brown bread, broken up into smallish pieces (14sp)
  • 1/2 pt/300ml cold tea
  • 10-15g splenda powdered sweetener (to own taste)
  • 1 egg (beaten) (2sp)
  • 100g sultanas (16sp)
  • 1/4 tsp mixed spice
Put the bread in a bowl and add the cold tea. Allow to soak for 1 hr.
Drain the bread and squeeze out any excess tea (using your hands!)
Mix the bread with the rest of the ingredients.
Pour into a greased 8" square baking tin

Cook at 180C/gas 4 for 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours until firm to the touch and brown on top.
Allow to cool for 30 mins or so in the tin, before cutting into squares.  Serve warm or cold.


Anne Essex said...

Bev, this sounds delicious. How much milk did you use? Thanks in advance :) x

Bev said...

Anne, I think I replaced the milk with the cold tea, so didn't use it. that was copied and pasted and I hadn't realised that last sentence was there, i've removed it now.