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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Getting my Delia on!

29th March 2016
The best way to predict your future is to create it.
I'm blaming my brother!  He bought mom a big chocolate egg which she then left half eaten on the table in-between us!  He bought me a litre bottle of Baileys which may have been opened and a glass drank!  Hey ho, could've been worse, I only had a bit of the chocolate and just the one (largish) glass of Baileys.  All back to normal today, busy week ahead of me and I've decided to make it busier by cooking in all my meetings - as you do!

I cooked a delicious meal for us yesterday, it was the one I blogged on Sunday, the chorizo stuffed chicken, very tasty indeed and took minutes to get in the oven.

The rest of my day was pretty lazy once I'd been shopping for supplies for my cooking demo's and done a bit of paperwork at my desk. I resisted all temptation in Sainsbury's from the half price Llindt bunny's to the 25% off clothes, I was completely in control. 

Now to get that control working throughout the rest of the week, I'd really like a stayed same Friday or a little loss, so no more Baileys!  I bought a tin of mushroom soup, so I could have a go at that tuna curry from yesterdays blog.  I didn't buy any more food as I wanted to use the stuff we already have in. 

Keeping it brief this morning as I have so much to get ready, must make sure I remember everything, there's a lot to take with me! 

Happy Days ;) Make yours a great one, can you believe we're almost a third of the way through the year!  Hope you're making it a good one BeYOUtiful. Focus on the healthy & happy.

Here's your Smart Point recipe for today, real simple one.

Chicken and mushroom pasta

serves 2, 9sp per serving


2 medium carrots

2 medium onions
400 g mushrooms
200 g Chicken Fillets (2sp
120g dried pasta, (12sp)
1 serving Bachelors' Condensed Low Fat Mushroom Soup (4sp)

Chop onions and carrots finely, start frying with a spray from oil spray. Add chicken fillets & mushrooms and then add soup when chicken sealed. Boil pasta separately then stir into chicken when cooked and serve.

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