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Thursday, 24 March 2016

No one can do this for you xx

24th March 2016
Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.

No one can do this for you!

That one simple statement is so true, we wish it weren't - well I know I do but it's true.  Others can guide us, support us, help us but ultimately we have to do 'this' for ourselves.  Obviously I'm talking weight loss but it goes for most things.

If we want to see results, we have to make changes.  What those changes are in your world, only you know.  I know I could happily eat chip shop, KFC and Maccy D's every week but I don't because if I do, I'll gain weight.  I ate half an Easter egg Tuesday, I'd love to eat a few more to be honest, it was really good, I try to pretend I'm not fussed about chocolate, but it tasted lush.  However I know if I got buy 2 or 3, 99p eggs, I'll eat them, if I eat them I'll not lose weight - simples.

So changes are being made a bit at a time, and no one is doing this for me, I'm doing it myself.  It really helps that I know I have a leader on my side though and the support is there if I need it, and that there are other Weight Watcher members out there that also want me to do well and are cheering me on. 

The changes are big ones, they're small ones, I'm not in a rush to lose weight, don't get me wrong if I could get rid of a stone in a day, I'd be thrilled but it isn't going to happen, so I'll chip away at it.

My lovely helper and I had a chat the other week about whether it was our 'AGE' that was making it hard, perimenopause and all that, but turns out nope, she's followed the plan for the last 3 weeks and lost 5.5lb, so it wasn't our age stopping us losing, it was our attitude about our age! 

I haven't bought bread this week, if it's not there, I can't eat it - simple as that, it's worked too, I haven't been able to go in and have a slice of bread to mop up my gravy, or a slice with a bit of spread on. 

I did enjoy my faggots and mash with loads of veg for my lunch yesterday though, that was really tasty, only 8sp too. 

So here's to my longest working day of the week, I need to make sure I have my tea ready for when I get home or that's when it all goes wrong!  I can't afford to lose it before the weekend, especially with it being Easter, plus I'm off out for lunch with the ladies on Saturday, looking forward to a catch up and I know it'll be a 3 courser.  Actually I've just looked at the menu and decided I can live without the dessert, I'll have scallops for starter and I think possibly the veggie dish for main, "Potato and aubergine layers baked with chickpeas and split lentils in a tomato sauce topped with cheddar" I'm enjoying trying pulses at the moment so this is a good way of seeing how they should be cooked :)

It's all in the planning....

Have a great day, make Thursday tremendous, track maybe if you haven't yet this week, it's never too late to do this!

Here's your Smart Point recipe for today;

Smoked haddock and new potatoes in mustard sauce  
Serves 2, 5sp each, Takes 25 minutes

A robust, vibrantly flavoured supper that's quick and easy to prepare in one pan.
200g new potatoes, halved (5sp)
250g smoked haddock fillet (1sp)
low fat cooking spray
4 medium leeks, sliced finely
2 teaspoons wholegrain Dijon mustard
200 g (7 oz) virtually fat free fromage frais (3sp)
juice of 1/2 a lemon
a small bunch of fresh tarragon or parsley, chopped finely, (optional)
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cook the new potatoes for 15-20 minutes in a pan of lightly salted boiling water, until tender and then drain.

Place the haddock fillet skin side down on a foil-lined grill pan and grill for 5-10 minutes until opaque and cooked through.

 Meanwhile heat a large saucepan and spray with the low fat cooking spray. Stir fry the leeks for a few minutes and then add a couple of tablespoons of water; cover and leave to cook on a low heat for 5 minutes, or until softened.

Add all the other ingredients to the pan including the cooked potatoes. Then flake in the cooked haddock, removing the skin first. Gently fold together. Check the seasoning and heat through then serve.

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