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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thinking about the Christmas food shop!

3rd December 2013 
Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it’s troubles – it empties today of its strength.  Corrie Ten Boom.

You can’t beat that first cup of tea in the morning….

I’m sat here drinking mine trying to think of what to write this morning, realising how much I like my routine, and that when I’m out of routine I find everything much more difficult.  Having been out all day at conference Sunday I’d miss my do nothing day so couldn’t get into my stride yesterday like I normally would on a Monday.  I still managed to get cauliflower cheese cooked for lunch and a few hours of WW work, but then mom and I spent the rest of the day together chilling out and catching up.

We’re going away for Christmas again this year, actually I realised yesterday I’ve never spent a Christmas in this house, how bizarre is that and my nephews loved having his own pad for Christmas for many years.  I need to start writing a list, I need to get organised, I have to shop for 4 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs because I get there on the 21st and they’re not arriving till the 24th!  So I need to go do all our Christmas food shop on the 22nd, last year we had it delivered but I missed the shopping experience – I love to shop and this is the biggest shop of the year isn’t it, I never get to shop for so many.

At the same time I need to keep some kind of control otherwise it’ll get ugly on the scales in January, already me and my bestie have agreed – no Baileys because it really is asking for trouble!  Also limited liqueurs because I mistake them for pop.  I won’t be buying any tins of chocolates and only limited sweet stuff because I’m not so fussed about this stuff so I’ll not be drawn to it and as much as my bestie will pull her face she’ll thank me for it in January.  We will still have desserts and other stuff like mince pies but not a trolley full as would be the case if mom and Lynne did the shop!

Cheese and biscuits, mmm this is both of our downfalls, so we’ve agreed we’ll have some but again once what I buy is gone, that’s it no more.  I’ll get enough for one cheese and wine tasting session and that’s our lot.

I will work out how many meals we’ve got to cater for as they’re staying a week whereas we’re there two, and plan those meals that there will be 6 of us, I’ll re shop if necessary when they’ve gone home although I think we’ll probably be able to live off the leftovers to be fair!
Have you thought about your Christmas shop?  Have you already started it?  Did you know in the 3 months leading up to last Christmas, Britons spent 50% more on chocolate than the rest of the year.  And in December 2011, more than 4 million extra packets of stilton, 16 million more tubs of cream and nearly 2.5 million additional packets of crisps were sold.  Now I’m guilty of purchasing some of them I know.

How long do your Christmas celebrations last?  Have they started already?  Mine will definitely be lasting for the time we’re on holiday, I’m so glad I combine the two events Christmas and my vacation so I only have to gain weight the once!

January this year will definitely be a clean start for me in every way, it’ll help that I won’t have lots of Christmas food left in my house when I get home because I will have only bought enough to last the time we’re away.  How could you make sure that your house isn’t full of Christmas stuff all through January?  Forward thinking helps, I know you’re probably thinking “oh let’s get through Christmas first, and then I’ll worry”.  However if you don’t buy quite so much, then you won’t have to worry come January, trust me you’ll be so glad you didn’t.  If you suddenly get unexpected visitors, they’ll probably be glad you’re all out of mince pies – they too will have had their fill of them and if they really do want one, they’ll be a Tesco garage or similar open somewhere!

Bear all this in mind as you walk round the Supermarket over the next few weeks. 

Eat Gorgeous & BeYOUtiful because your body is your most precious possession, take care of it, it's the only place you have to live.

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