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Friday, 6 December 2013

Another day survived & today I eat out!

6th December 2013
I'm a big believer in persistence, don't be greedy and above all, work hard. It's what keeps me going.Caprice Bourret

 Day two on track and heading towards the weekend!  Earned 7pp, consumed 33pp, so I still have my weeklies intact because I’m using my activity ProPoints.

My day looked like this;

Today I’m off for a Weight Watcher training session and I’ve been invited for lunch at the Harvester first!  My first reaction was ‘panic’, then I considered saying ‘no’ but then I realised this is real life and I’ve been down that drastic road before and it doesn’t work.  Instead I’ve accepted because I likes a good lunch with good company and now I’m deciding between doing a F&H day or a PP day!  Thinking 8oz Sirloin steak (14pp) that comes with buttered peas and grilled tomato , baby potatoes (3pp) and salad bar where I will only have the zero ProPointed salad not all the coleslaws and potato salads.  So 17pp if I order that, or if I have F&H I’ll have to ask for peas without the butter, with F&H I can have a big breakfast with PP I will probably skip breakfast.  I’ll see how hungry I feel this morning, I’m going to be sat in my office catching up on paperwork so shouldn’t be hungry.   
As great as F&H is, I don’t want to take advantage of it and think “well I’m doing F&H I can have a huge breakfast and I could have a 12 oz steak because it says I can”, that’s not changing my habits is it, I want to lose weight - why would I purposefully try to sabotage my chances.  Actually I might ask for my peas to be without butter anyway, that’ll save me a ProPoint,  

I’m going to write on a piece of paper before I go;
“8oz Sirloin steak cooked rare, with peas and baby potatoes – can I have them without butter please.  And I’ll have the salad bar too, oh and a diet coke.  Thank you.”  

I won’t even look at the menu!

Sorted, actually rump steak is 2pp lower, mmm that would make my total 14pp instead of 16pp, yeah rump it is.

It makes a difference planning before you go, you can’t EXPECT the ProPoints plan to work for you unless you work with it, it takes more than attending a meeting, getting weighed and then going home and sort of being good, most of the time.  It takes some EFFORT, a lot of us don’t like that word, we think we’re putting enough effort and doing enough work in other aspects of our life, however I’ve realised this one for me probably matters more than all of the others.  I want to be healthy and well, vanity isn’t an issue for me, yet at the same time I might enjoy getting into something a bit smaller, I’ll let you know when I lose those pounds.  

Next Saturday I’ve been invited out for an Indian, so that’ll be the next thing I plan, Tandoori chicken all the way!

Making today Focused Friday – remembering my reasons for rejoining on Wednesday, will be making use of my facebook page and our facebook group – I love my members, they are amazing and all support each other in that group.  

Happy Friday, Eat Gorgeous & BeYOUtiful because we matter!

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