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Thursday, 12 December 2013

I got a feeling.... that today's gonna be a good day....

12th December 2013
There are no good days and there are no bad days.  There are just days.  How you feel about them is entirely up to you.

What a night, I’m trying desperately to get to sleep and not cough because it makes my throat worse and poor Alfie has woke me up every hour almost to go up the garden because he has a bad stomach!   We all want putting in a bag and shaking up in this house I think!

On a positive note, 2lb off yesterday at my weigh in, of course I wanted more!  I’m such a member and yes I know 2lb is fab but I’m greedy, that’s why I joined Weight Watchers, I want MORE of everything, always :).  I sulked for a while, especially as my bestie lost 4.5lb, I really am a nightmare member.  I’m over it now though, I realised 2lb is fabulous, especially when I think about what I’ve managed to eat/drink and enjoy.

It took all my strength to drive past the KFC on the way home but I did it because I realised I wanted another weight loss more, I’m planning on enjoying Christmas so if I can lose another 1 or 2lb next week then I’ll be able to and come back in January ready to lose and get back to my goal.

I felt ravenous when I got home yesterday so I made myself a huge tea of tuna steak, brown rice and asparagus, all filling & healthy foods and I was pleased that there was too much, I couldn’t finish the plate, so it shows if you eat the best foods, it does balance out your appetite.
I realised yesterday cold food at lunchtime does not work for me, it left me wanting all day, so I need to make so zero soups, get the warmth in my day for sure.

I was rushed yesterday but managed to make a cottage pie in the end which I can eat today to save me cooking, for the topping I mixed carrot, butternut squash and potato to make it go further, so that the moment they’re 8pp each and I could add a couple of ProPoints of cheese if I want to, I shall see.

I’m so proud of my bestie with her 4.5lb loss this week, even though I snarled at her in the meeting ;), she’s had a really difficult week from a ‘life’ point of view, she’s also had to eat out a few times because of Christmas get-togethers and still managed to stay on track, now that’s impressive!  

I said to someone last week, “when it’s important enough to you, you’ll find the time”, and it’s true, I could’ve so easily not gone yesterday but it’s important to me right now not to continue to gain, I want to lose weight and I want to be healthy.  

I know Christmas is on its way but I’m not going to go crazy, I shall enjoy it and have a bit of what I fancy, however I looked at my weight loss last December yesterday and I only gained 4lb over Christmas, I can live with that, it’ll be even better if I’ve lost it before I go away!

I am going to do my shopping, rather than have it delivered for Christmas, but I’ve decided I’m going to make a meal planner so that I don’t get ridiculous with what goes in the trolley! And I will still mostly buy filling and healthy foods, scattered with a sprinkling of cheeses and desserts!  These time next week I’m gonna be really excited as it’ll be my last day at work for 2013, as much as I love my job, I’m really looking forward to a break – bring on Christmas I say – ho ho ho.

Have a great day, I’ve already decided today is going to be a GOOD DAY!  I’m going to Eat Gorgeous & BeYOUtiful, what are you intentions?

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