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Friday, 13 December 2013

Bah humbug today....

Friday 13th December
You are your own judge.  The verdict is up to you.  Astrid Alaudu

Blah that is how I feel this morning, slept in till 8, had to have Alfie at the vets by 9, feel yukky myself with a fantastic head cold and have sciatica and a right pain in my butt cheek to finish it all off nicely, so every time I cough it not only hurts my throat but my bum too – nice image isn’t it – it’d be funny if it wasn’t so painful, pins and needles all down my right leg.  I’ve got tickets to see the Hobbit at lunchtime, praying I don’t have a coughing fit, sit by an exit I think just in case, no one likes a ‘cougher’!

Staying on tracks gonna be a tester today, used 18 of my weeklies yesterday so need to behave, I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted comfort food so had chorizo beans on toast with egg and best butter cos me dearly ;) but enjoyed all the same, then I had a couple of glasses of wine – purely medicinal of course!
Started my day with a good slice of toast today, so that’s 4pp gone already, just needed something quick so I could take some tablets.  I need comfort food that’ll fill me up and make me feel good, I know it won’t make me better but it’ll make being ill a little less painful!  I’ve got some chicken drumsticks, might throw them in a maggi bbq sauce bag, easy and tasty hopefully.

Who’m I trying to kid!  If I make it through today on track, it’ll be a Christmas miracle…..
Hope you feel better than I do today, have a good one. xx

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