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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sharing even more success...

17th December 2013
Life is uncertain – eat dessert first! Esnestine Ulmer

Thought I’d share a few of the successes from my meetings with you this week as this is what makes my work so worthwhile, firstly there’s AnnMarie, not just a pretty face she also has an amazing personality too.  AnnMarie has lost 56.5lb in 35 weeks; 
 She told me, “I feel so happy and confident for first time since having my children, no longer use the excuse "I’m a mom" to neglect myself!

How many of you can relate to that statement, how easy is it to be the person that comes last on your list?  Remember it’s not selfish to put yourself up the top of your list, its self-care and it’s really important because if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else either. 

AnnMarie also had this to say after we posted her photo on my facebook page and she got some amazing complimentary comments and support; 

“I just nearly cried when I read this, I really do love being part of WW, not only have I lost weight but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with some amazing people, who do REALLY make you feel good about yourself, best decision I ever made joining.”

I have to agree with her, I’ve also met so many amazing people through Weight Watchers both as a member and certainly whilst being a leader, it’s the best decision I ever made too!

And for those doubters (I know they exist!) who think ‘diet’s don’t work’ or ‘the weight never stays off’, that’s not true if you remember that you have to keep the changes in place forever, quick fixes don’t work, drastic diets aren’t the answer, the answer is realistic changes that you are happy to repeat on a regular basic and that is what my lovely Rachael has done, celebrating her second year at goal, she  has lost 11st and I’m sure you’ll agree looks tremendous!

 Yes Weight Watchers works, it works because of that strong group support you get both in the meetings and outside, thanks to the power of facebook, we’re all about to connect with each other in our group and so if someone is having a bad time at 10pm when their leaders asleep (I’m an early bird), I know that one of my other superstars in the group will be there to offer them support. 

I have to say I’m a little bit excited, only 8 more sleeps till Santa and I can’t wait, I’m a little distracted from real life because of it, I have to admit.  Yesterday I was walking Alfie, writing lists on my phone when I walked into two huge wheelie bins that aren’t usually in my path ;-) so today I plan to pay attention to Tuesday rather than thinking about Christmas day! 

Have a good one xx remember you’re gorgeous and always BeYOUtiful. xx

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