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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Role Model - me - what chance have you lot got ;-)

17th November 2012
People are all that matter - The rest, it's just stuff!
Well yesterday was a mix of emotions, mom has a real fear of choking so getting her to let them put a tube down her throat was never going to be easy, and she did get a bit worked up and upset so when I left I was a little upset too.  It was all necessary though and worth it, the good news is there was no signs of cancer - I can honestly say cancer never crossed my mind, I actually hadn't even thought about what it might have been because I didn't see the point of doing that, as the pic above says 'stress less', 'thinking' about what could be doesn't help a situation so I tend not to do it, unnecessary worry isn't it.  The doctor informed us that here are things wrong she can't necessarily be cured of her problems but all can be treated and her symptoms will hopefully ease.  Her hiatus hernis which she’s had for 25 years or more to my knowledge is now 6 times the size of what is considered the norm!  Her stomach and oesophagus is a bit of a mess too, so they’ve took swabs to get for all sort of things because her symptoms could be any number of things!  Of course mom being a hypochondriac is going to love this once she gets over the anesthetic and realises she really has got something wrong with her, she will make me write it all down so she can tell everyone and anyone who will listen – yep she’ll be thrilled!
Obviously when someone’s been anaesthetised they can’t be left for 24 hours so we didn’t do a lot yesterday other than sit in front of the tv!
It meant I missed my business development meeting with the leaders on my area and my boss, which was last night – I never miss them so it seemed odd that I wasn’t there.  And I got a call from my boss to explain that she totally understood why I wasn’t going to make it but had something she needed to tell me beforehand because it did involve me.  This was when my day really did improve, apparently I’ve been awarded a ‘Role Model’ award and I’m absolutely over the moon about it, on our employee site this is what it says; The Role Model award recognises and rewards, on a quarterly basis, the employees who consistently exhibit the Values in their roles or towards key business objectives.  And the winners have to be nominated by their colleagues, its just fantastic to know that four of my colleagues nominated me for this award, really made my day it did.  I’m absolutely thrilled xx
Okay so back to reality and a busy day ahead, Alfie needs a good walk because he didn’t get one yesterday afternoon as I couldn’t leave mom, I need to do some cooking, bit of shopping and housework – oh yeah rock and roll baby!
Just worked out Christmas is 39 days away and to say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!  I can remember the last time we actually celebrated Christmas, we usually go away and chill out instead, none of the hassle, but because we’re taking kids with us this year, we’re doing Christmas how it’s meant to be done and I’m loving it, walking round the shops looking for ideas, and I’m not talking spending a fortune either.  Poundland has some fabulous stuff in it and Asda has cheap stuff too, we’re off to the German Market next Friday, I’ve never been so that’ll be fun too.
I shall be making some of my gifts this weekend too, well putting them together anyways.
I still want to lose a few pounds before them though, now I’ve got under that stone on the scales, I’d like to take it down a bit further so I can enjoy Christmas without worry, I think my members have realised that this week too, some great results on the scales. 
This week I’m starting Saturday on track and with all my ProPoints logged, I didn’t have the healthiest day yesterday, felt guilty making breakfast as mom was nil by mouth so just grabbed a banana, had toast later and it didn’t really improve much after that.  I will rectify that today, going to make a chicken curry I think, cheese and potato pie and corned beef hash, that’ll last all weekend that will, and might even tempt mom with some of it, she’s got to eat 5 small meals rather than 3 larger ones the doctor advised.  Getting her to eat at all is the challenge at the moment, there’s us all trying to lose weight and she’s dropped a stone in a month!
Right it may only be 5.30am and you’re all still asleep but I’m off to prepare vegetables for my cooking – me odd – not at all!  Having said that we were in bed extremely early last night after our big day.
Have a great day – make it all about taking care of YOU and those you love! As I said at the beginning of this post - people are all that matter - The rest, it's just stuff!

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