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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Never eat a Mac D's slowly - it's just wrong!

22nd November 2012
Skill Power, not Will Power, is the Key to Success!
Weigh in day today and I’m feeling positive, I’ve been so busy this week wrapping shopping and wrapping Christmas presents I haven’t thought much about overindulging.   I might be treating myself tonight though to a Chinese chicken chow mein, although it’s been on my to-eat list for about 6 weeks now and I still haven’t got round to it, that’s progress, it shows I can wait for something.  My ‘to eat’ list is one of the best things I’ve ever come up with as it’s taken the urgency out of wanting to eat certain foods, which means when someone mentions something and I think “ooo I fancy that”, instead of having it that day, I add it onto my list.
Yesterday when I came out of B&Ms after a bit of shopping, I realised it would be one o’clock before I got home and I’d still got my paperwork to do, and in front of me was MacDonald’s, well I do like a Maccy D’s I have to say but I have realised that it’s a food that’s eaten fast, so whatever you have you always kind of wolf it down, it’s actually part of the experience – you cannot savour a Macdonald’s – trust me and if you can you’ll wish you hadn’t because they go cold really quickly and they’re not that fantastic in taste!  Having had this realisation a few weeks ago I decided that instead of my usual Big Mac Meal for 26pp I would have a happy meal – cheese burger and small fries for 14pp, and I actually didn’t realise there were only half the amount of fries and the burger did what it was supposed to because it was eaten in the car and not really given a great deal of attention.  Actually I did try to focus on the first few bites but realised the gherkin and the sauce was the other side of the burger and without them it was a bit rank!  So I hurried through the next two bites till I got to the ketchup!  How wrong is that, to eat with the attitude that I need to hurry this up it’s not so good.  Maybe next time I see a MacDonald’s I’ll recall those thoughts and opt not to bother at all, realisation is an amazing tool!  So next time you indulge, slow down, stop and taste and then decided if it’s worth it.
I’m going to start my countdown to Christmas – sorry – but I do think it’s good to realise how close it is and think about what you need to get done and how you plan to cope, it’s 32 days!   Trust me that will fly by, and it’ll be 2013 before you know it.
A lot of my members are still losing really well and are on track to enjoy Christmas, I’ve even got members joining now because they know they will gain a little over Christmas so what to do something about it now so they don’t end up even heavier in 2013.  Ignorance isn’t bliss is it, we can pretend it’s not going to happen and suffer the consequences or we can think now and pre-empt situations and decide how we’re going to cope with them.  I’m planning, doing lists, I don’t like shopping in December, not a fan of the crowds, hence the reason I’m shopping now, love my credit card I do, it’s worth its weight in gold ;-) 
And I’ve already decided that I can handle a 5lb weight gain over Christmas without getting too worried about it, that’ll give me free reign to have a week off tracking and enjoy myself without going crazy.  I’ve got my Irish Coffee at the ready (£3.99 in B&M for 2 microwaveable ones – genius)  I will be partaking of some Bailey’s it’s 98pp a litre by the way – again ignorance is not bliss, and it’s on offer in Asda this week, £8 I’ve been told.  My Christmas day indulgence is Port (54pp a litre), I like it served with cheese for my tea, now I’m not saying I’m planning on drinking a litre of anything at one sitting but it does give you something to use as a comparison so here are a few more;
red wine          25pp a litre
sherry             48pp a litre
whiskey           81pp a litre
port                  54pp a litre
baileys             98pp a litre
mmm I was about to say food for thought, but it’s more like fluid for thought, awareness is important, ignorance isn’t bliss.  It’s all about being pre-pared, planning how you’re going to cope with it all.  As I said at the beginning of this blog;
Skill Power, not Will Power, is the Key to Success!
Have a fabulous Thursday, now I’ve firmly put the thought of Christmas in your mind and of course never forget to take care of you. xx

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