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Monday, 26 November 2012

Four weeks & counting ;-)

26th November 2012
The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oh well it’s certainly Monday Morning, I actually slept to my alarm despite having an early night and it’ just taken me a good ten minutes to make a cuppa and sort moms tablets, she nearly ended up with the wrong ones because I was half asleep!  Note to self – put tablets up at a time of day when I’m not half asleep in future to save killing your mother!
I had a very lazy day yesterday too, I did go to the shop to look at that canvas but changed my mind when I saw the price, I’m going to have a go at making something like it myself, because I’ll enjoy doing that too.  If you could have heard me and Lynne shopping on Friday we said that about everything, “we can make that!” but I actually can make this, it won’t be like the one in the shop but I’ll be able to make a small enough version to have in my office which will be better as that’s where I spend most of my time.
So other than a bit of window shopping and food shopping, the rest of my day consisted of watch tele, reading, a nice bath and a distinct lack of vegetables!  Yes I realised this weekend my diet has been very carb heavy and veg less, so will need to rectify that situation today.  I’ve not felt like cooking at all so maybe I’ll buy a salad or some frozen veg, we’ll see.
Oh yeah I did do a bit of scrapbooking too and I gave my office a slight tidy up so I wasn’t completely lazy, only almost.
I’ve just realised four weeks today will be Christmas eve – oh my word, that’ll be here before we know it and in the words of Greg Wallace (one of the new faces of Weight Watchers)
"Christmas for me is a time of indulgence so I won’t be holding back. That’s the beauty of Weight Watchers. It takes the stress away, keeps you in control and allows you the odd indulgence – and what better way to spend your weekly allowance! I know I’ll go for a jog the next day to help earn some activity ProPoints to balance it out."Gregg Wallace
I’m with his there, I will be indulging this Christmas but I won’t be making myself ill doing it, I can’t eat like I used to my body doesn’t like it, and my most recent Gold member Susannah seems to agree, she wrote on face book yesterday
Well I have proper celebrated reaching my goal weight... I haven’t stopped eating this week lol! My body just can't take the rubbish or that much food anymore lol back on it tomoz xx”
I think we get to a place where we realise we don’t need so much and we can still enjoy life, perhaps enjoy it more because we’re not uncomfortable sat at that table in the restaurant.  I do not want to be sat there Christmas afternoon feeling absolutely stuffed to the uncomfortable point, I want to have enjoyed my dinner and be sitting watching the kids play, maybe even playing their games with them and laughing and enjoying ourselves, not sitting there in pain or sleeping through the one day we’ve waited months for it to arrive!
Four weeks!  I’m thinking I need an advent calendar in my life, but not a chocolate one, I’m not a fan, will look into that, but first I will get ready for work and walk Alfie.
If you do want to earn some activity ProPoints, there’s a £2 coupon in this weeks Weight Watcher email which you get automatically if you have esource and you can also become a community user by registering https://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/signup/registration/StepOne.aspx
Right I’m off for a walk with my pedometer, I have 7pp I like to earn on a Monday!
Take care of you. xx

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