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Friday, 9 November 2012

It's Friday - guess what I want you to do today?

9th November 2012
Some friends listen and hear you, even when you're not talking. Try to listen to yourself and others, be the good friend you wished you had more of.  Beverley Longsden
Me half asleep – not at all ;-) I rarely sleep to my 5am alarm but then I rarely have to have it set on a Friday but when it went off this morning it startled me, add that to I had pins and needles in my arm and this is what happened next – I dropped the alarm clock on the floor, picked it up and thought I’d broken it because it was saying 20:5 and when I was flicking the off switch it was still buzzing!  Took me a good minute to realise I had the clock upside down and was flicking the wrong switch!
So I’ve got my mug of tea now and I’m more awake, and about to get ready for a long busy day.
Well I spent a bit of time thinking yesterday about what I could suggest we make Friday, I came up with a few ideas, but none that really grabbed me, then last night I received an email from a beautiful lady who’s had a tough few months and she gave me the suggestion, 'Friends Friday' because you really do appreciate what they mean to you and without your friends support whether it be encouraging you to stay on the straight and narrow ( by avoiding chocolate or wine!) or making wise choices, or just being there when things are not going as well as you hoped. Where would you be without them? (Those are her words)
And isn’t she right, where would we be without our friends, I always say Weight Watchers works because of the group support and it’s true.  Life works because of the people support!  My friends mean the word to me and I’d do anything for them, unfortunately I don’t get to see them everyday because of the distance between our homes and also because we’re all very busy people and that’s why I love technology, when I broke my phone a couple of weeks ago – it wasn’t the £200 to fix it that bothered me, it was the fact I couldn’t natter with my mate on it!   I love how when, like yesterday, I’m ranting about something that’s really unimportant and ridiculous (and whilst I’m doing it I even know it’s pathetic) that my bestie rants away with me by text even though I know she’s thinking “get a grip you daft mare” ;-)
Yes today can be ‘Friends Friday’, which we’ll interpret as doing anything friend based – that’s really vague, but suggestions could include having some fun with one of them, calling one up and having a good natter if you haven’t for a while, just telling them how important they are to you – just do something that reminds you how special and precious your friends are to you.  Oh and if my friends reading this, do not help me stay on the straight and narrow by keeping me off the wine or we may become unfriends ;-!
One of the most important friends you’ll ever have after your mother and your bestie is yourself, so maybe that could be the friend you make Friday about, go take care of you for a change.  I’m going to start my day like that, I have such a busy day but I’m going to start it with a 20 minute bubble bath to get me clean and ready, I can’t rush until 6.30 today, need this slowish start to prepare me!
So here’s to ‘Friend Friday’, feel and share the love today.
Thank you my FRIENDS. Xx

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