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Monday, 31 October 2011

Yay it's Monday - did u wake up thinkin that?

31st October 2011

The fear is worse than the pain. Shannon Bahr

The clocks may have gone back yesterday but my body didn’t so I was in bed so early, before 7pm and I’ve slept till 5am, so I’m now all refreshed and ready to do the week all over again, just finished doing my meeting plan so now I’m ready to go.

I had a very, very lazy day yesterday, reading mags, papers and watching tv, I didn’t do my shopping online in the end either, I just couldn’t face it, I like walking round shops and to be honest I probably have enough food in my house not to shop for a few days, so I may do that, use up what’s in my cupboards – that should make for an interesting tracker this week!

Looking forward to this weeks meeting topic, all about being positive which is a favourite subject of mine, my glass is always half fun – no comments about it being half fun of red wine necessary ;D

I have a feeling the scales will be kind to me this week, I’ll probably maintain or lose half pound which is absolutely fine, I’m feeling better than I have in ages, I can run about 10 miles a week, which if I had time would be more and I’m working on that.   Yes I feel really good and I love it when I weigh members who tell me they’re feeling the same.  Losing weight, getting fit and feeling healthy really does make you feel good about yourself which definitely makes it worthwhile turning down the odd bag of crisps or cake.

So thinking about what’s in my cupboards I’ll probably start today with eggs on toast, corned beef hash for main meal and maybe use the cottage cheese I have in the fridge for tea I could have it with pitta bread, might need to buy salad leaves though.  Have you thought about your day and what you’ll be having?  Getting some idea in your head really does help even if you don’t stick to it 100%.

There’s a delicious looking recipe in this weeks YOUR WEEK for lamb and ginger balti mmm, and only 12pp with the naan bread, or why not a creamy qourn curry for the veggies amongst us or even just for a change if you are a meat eater.

Ooo I’ve just turned the page of YOUR WEEK and there are recipes fro delicious boozy drinks ready for Guy Fawke’s Night, how you liking the sound of Forest fruit mulled wine, rum and orange hot chocolate or white wine cup.  Too early in the morning though yet ;D

I thought we were gonna get lighter mornings now, well it’s 6.20 and still dark – boo, me and Alfie need to walk, I want the daylight.

Have a marvellous Monday, decide that this week you’re gonna be 100% positive regardless of what life throws at you. xx

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