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Friday, 28 October 2011

A bad workman always blames his tools!

28th October 2011

Courage does not always roar, sometimes it’s that little voice at the end of the day saying I’ll try again tomorrow. 

Woke up at stupid o’clock (3ish) this morning and decided to get up, I’m in a doing mood not a lying in bed mood, so I’m going to get lots done this morning, sort my office, clear my desk and do lots and lots of paperwork, then I’ll take Alfie to the vets AGAIN, and later I’m going to enjoy a long, hot bath whilst I finish off my Weight Watchers magazine and maybe throw in an afternoon snooze too.

I made the Spanish Cod and Chorizo from the cooking for two book yesterday for me and my helpers for our tea and well I haven’t had any complaints even though it didn’t look exactly like the photo in the cook book, it tasted fine.

As it was payday this week for me, I treated myself yesterday to lots of bars and I filled a big glass bowl, I’m going to have a treat everyday and on run days I can have two!  Nice, I’d forgotten how nice the bars were until I had that toffee bar the other day, so it’ll be my afternoon break bowl because we all need to stop and pause and take time out of our day. 

It’s been a great week this week in meetings , another 2 to goal yesterday, congratulations to Sarah and Alexandra, you’ve both done fab and look amazing, that’s 111 gold members this year now in my meetings alone – fabulous.  

This week in the meetings we looked at the tools that help you lose, obviously for everyone those tools vary but the a few that most of us find invaluable are;

EATING OUT GUIDE – you can be prepared, and plan which restaurant to eat at, make wise choices, select in advance, know your PP and track them.  I’m off for a curry tomorrow night and I’ll make sure by using it my tandoori chicken or whatever I decide to have will be within my 49 weeklies.

SHOP BOOK - Plan your shopping list, interesting reading, make sensible food selections before going to the supermarket, Propoint items already in your cupboard. Know you are in control.   I haven’t done this for a while but I used to sit browsing through the shop guide looking for ideas, trying to find low ProPointed foods, I might do that tomorrow when the XFactors on – it’ll probably be more entertaining!

TRACK BOOK - Keeps you focused, shows your progress, helps you keep a reference for future weeks, you can use the ‘good weeks’ time and time again. I only lose weight if I track, my brain choices not to store PP if I’ve used my allowance, it goes into selective overdraft!

COOK BOOK - Keeps your menu varied, spices up your meal times, introduces you to new meals and good habits, portion size correct, entertain friends.  I love my cooking and find lots of ideas in these books.

MAGAZINE - Helps motivations; gives great tips and advices, lots of success stories to keep you focused. Recipes and menu plans for the week.  Great articles in Novembers issue, there’s even a 0-5k training plan!

CALCULATOR - Portable, easy to carry in your bag; ProPoints on the go; track your daily allowance.

WEEK ONE FILE – the programme material is packed with information and ProPoints: Enjoy book, with lots of food idea’s and recipes.   Use it, don’t just leave it on the side.

8/ PEDOMETER – or WINEOMETER as I call it, We discussed this in meetings two weeks ago, it’s a great motivator. Makes you increase your activity, a cheap personal trainer.

And don’t forget Esource, that’s invaluable to keep you engaged in the programme in-between your meetings because lets not forget Weight Watchers works because of the group support and I love how my members are all supporting each other, it’s lovely not just watching you all lose weight but seeing new friendships form too.   Weight Watchers to lots of people is just a diet club, to me it's so much more. Not only does it provide my salary whilst I do something I really truly enjoy but through it I have met some of the best friends I could ever have wished for, friends old and new, two of which I’m going to New York with soon and one that gets me into trouble every week now, she’s the one that got me running and then makes me eat the activity ProPoints every Friday lunchtime, although it’ll be Saturday night for a change this week.

Yes I have much more than my weight loss to thank Weight Watchers for.

I’m smiling now so I’m going to sign off and wish you all a fabulous Friday.

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