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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

only added ten!

5th October 2011

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. Buddha

Glad the temperatures dropped a little, I had a fab nights sleep, 9-5 which has just made me smile because that used the average working day if it was in the day time, but for me it means a fab 8 eights sleep and I’m raring to go this morning.
Not doing so well with aiming for that 120 different food types a day, only managed to add the following to the list;

Jam, pasta, chicken, sweetcorn, cod, potato, breadcrumbs, green pepper, capers

So that’s another ten added, making a total of 30, only 90 more to find then!  Mmm not so easy when you’re short on time and not really cooking from scratch.  My trackers better though, I’m well within my daily’s and I’m earning lots of activity propoints, although I’m indulging quite a bit in bread, it’s quick isn’t it and doesn’t need cooking which is a bonus when I’m busy.  I’m definitely going to cook today though I’ve defrosted beef for a stir fry.

ProPoints™ Tracker entries Tuesday, October 04, 2011

jam on toast - Quick-added food
2 medium Banana
1 serving(s) Heinz mini meals chicken & sweetcorn
bread & spread - Quick-added food
fishcake sandwich - Quick-added food
roasted green pepper - Quick-added food
capers - Quick-added food
Any Time
milk in tea - Quick-added food
beef slice - Quick-added food
banana - Quick-added food
Food ProPoints values total used
Food ProPoints values remaining
pedometer - Activity I created
30 min Running
Activity ProPoints values earned

Trying to save my weeklies and activity ProPoints for the weekend as I’m visiting my best friend and we will no doubt partake in eating, drinking and being merry.  I’ve also had a couple of alcohol free days to give my liver a rest, it surely won’t hurt. 

I’m pleased to say that my 30 minute run has started to be enjoyable and yesterday I managed to run the route I started with and didn’t stop once, it was just a tad under 3 mile so I’m going to have to change it slightly to get the 5k that I’d like to do 3 times a week to keep me fit, healthy, give me energy and help me keep my weight in check.  I have to say it really is making me feel better and giving me more energy.  Boring ain’t I :D but I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s making to how I feel and I know time is an issue for most of us but by being more productive and paying attention to where I waste time I have managed to fit it in, its amazing how much less tv I’m watching and how little time I’m spending on facebook both of which zap your time and energy.

2 more members achieved they goal weight yesterday, that’s 103 in total this year now, Stephen had lost 43lb in 24 weeks and he’s loved coming to the meetings too, so if you’re a lad, remember it’s not just about the girls.

This week in my meeting we looking at shopping and how it can affect your weight loss, I’ve noticed there are lots of articles on Weight Watchers esource regarding shopping so if you have the monthly pass go check then out.  The main thing you need to remember when shopping though is your calculator; if you have that then you can work out the ProPoints before putting something in your trolley!  I couldn’t cope without mine because I do like to try different foods although looking at my food list for this week you wouldn’t think it!

Well it’s 6am now, I better get a wriggle on, lots to do, dog to walk and all that.

Enjoy your day. xx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have to admit this was the first time I have ever read one of your emails. Also I have not been to class for probably about 3 months.

I enjoyed reading your blog, it made me laugh and think about how much I should be doing the diet and working on my health and fitness.

Not been feeling too good lately and its because I have just been watching the television and spending time on facebook.

On the plus side I have started going to zumba and belly dancing so I think I will come back to class soon on a Thursday night. So look out for me :)

This has helped me feel so much better and put my life into perspective. I will be slimmer for christmas!!