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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My less than perfect tracker! 19th May 2011

Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen. Peter Marshall

WOW I struggled yesterday, ended the day on 51pp, so glad for my pedometer Activity ProPoints and those weeklies as I’m out of a balti Friday night and driving down to see my friend for lunch on Saturday so need today and tomorrow to be more controlled, I’m going to have to go shopping for some salad, I’ve managed 3 whole days with spending any money! That’s brilliant for me as I like to food shop as often as possible.

The other thing I’m pleased about was I tracked everything, as I had it so I wouldn’t forget or pretend I didn’t have it this morning, this is what my day looked like and why I think I ended up overindulging;

Breakfast – NOTHING! I forgot and I’m sure this is what led to me over indulging later on.

Snack about 11.30, Banana

Lunch – leftovers from yesterday 7pp, bit of a odd mix but edible, was probably physically satisfied but not emotionally as it was just food. ;(

Afternoon snack about 2.30ish - 3 ryvita (3pp), red pepper houmous (2), BBQ Bakes (2), pickled egg! What can I say I was still emotionally and I think physically hungry, I wanted something I was going to enjoy but couldn’t find it, so this had to do!

Dinner – handful of oven chips – 5pp & a Weight Watcher Beef Hotpot (6pp) and a chunk of cheese 5pp (This was actually nice, I ate the cheese because it was there, but the WW meal was better than I’d expected and would have been brilliant if I’d filled the plate with extra veggies)

In the hour before I went to bed I consumed;

2 dime bars (8pp) and 2 glasses wine (12pp)

OUCH – 51pp total and I’d earned 8pp on my pedometer, so not the best day of food choices I think you’ll agree. So glad I’m using a food tracker as it’s not just recorded the PP I’ve eaten but also given me some insight into where I’m going wrong. There’s not enough fruit and vegetables, I also didn’t drink enough fluid yesterday which is more important than people realise.

So that was my day, hope yours was better and I know I’m going to have a much better day today because I’m going to the shop to buy supplies.

Back to fluid, did you realise the body is made up of mostly water so if you don’t drink enough fluid you don’t function properly. I mostly drink boiled water, sounds odd I know but I actually enjoy it and I’ve got used to it, although I do love a cup of tea and since I drink it less often I enjoy it even more. Occasionally I’ll have the odd can of diet fizzy pop, but only now and then and as for the full fat stuff, the last time I drank that I was in Kenya about 8 years ago because I was exhausted and needed a sugar fix. Did you know that one 330ml can of regular fizzy drink contain approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar, in the form of high-fructose corn syrup? And one bottle of the popular sports drinks contains more than 20 teaspoons? So instead of loading up on the sugar, I’d rather drink clear, pure water and occasionally I’ll flavour it with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime – posh ay! To help remind me to drink water I have bottle of the stuff all over the house (I’m a little untidy so they’re unnoticeable!) and when I’m passing and notice one I’ll have a swig.

Why not put a reminder on your computer or in your phone to tell you to go get a drink and notice the different you will feel if you drink plenty and get hydrated.

Have a lovely day and do your best on the plan. xx

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