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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4th May 2011

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. African proverb
May the fourth be with you ;-) Bad joke I know, but I only get to say it once a year ;-) and it always manages to make me smile.

Alfie finally proved he’s a true Longsden, last night he got his head stuck in mom’s empty Easter egg box! Good job we were home ;-)

It was a great start to the working week for me yesterday with Jane achieving her goal having lost 55.5lb, awesome and she looks fabulous. It’s always great to see such success.

I had a lesson in honesty yesterday, yes ‘food intake’ honesty that is, how’s your truth? Do you track honestly or are you a bit guilty of being a bit of a fibber. Do you try to pull the wool over your own eyes?

I fancied soft boiled eggs and soldiers and thought to myself, ooo I’ll have 3 because with medium eggs, 1 egg is 2pp, 2 eggs are 4 but 3 eggs are only 5pp so I get an extra one for 1pp, bargain. So I had the 3 eggs then as I was eating them I thought to myself, “mmm these are a bit on the large side for medium eggs, so I checked online and then went and weighed one of the eggs out of the box and it turned out they were large which meant 3 eggs were 8pp! Damn that was 3 more than I’d planned to spend on my lunch but hey ho, I was honest with my tracker and wrote it down. I also used my phone to track the packed of WW Bakes I had at the meeting which I can sometimes be guilty of forgetting because I suffer from that common disease “Diet Amnesia”. This condition tends to attack more at night when a person is sat in front of the tv relaxing, be careful of this illness as you don’t always realise you suffer from the condition. Be on the lookout in a morning for evidence of the night before, you may find an open packet of biscuits or an empty wrapper in the bin. Diet amnesia is a very dangerous condition to have and will have serious effects on your weight loss, it can even cause weight gain if not caught and treated!

If you do have this condition, remember it can be treated and cured, it’s important to remember that few things in life that are achieved quickly are appreciated or maintained.

So where to start? It’s important to eat healthy throughout the day, ensure you’re not hungry so that the amnesia is less likely to set in later in the day. And the best way to start your day is with a good healthy breakfast? What do you have, the breakfast habit isn’t easy to change and it’s embedded in your morning routine. The traditional tends to be cereal, toast and tea or coffee, what do you have? Why not add some fruit and maybe some water, I drink hot water but cold is good. Our bodies are made up of mainly water so it’s always good to replenish it, and having fruit ensures your getting your daily quota and helping towards that five a day minimum target. Fruit is great for eating on the go, you could even smoothie it too, don’t forget frozen fruit can be really reasonably priced.

On that note I’m going to make me a banana smoothie for my breakfast and I can use those yogurts that are almost at their sell-by-date too.

Have a great day, looks like the suns going to shine again, isn’t it fabulous!

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