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Saturday, 14 May 2011

14th May 2011

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. John C. Maxwell

What a beautiful morning, I’ve been out walking Alfie since 5.30am and we’ve had a fabulous time, plus I’ve already done my 10,000 steps and earned 2pp on my pedometer ;D

Had a lovely day yesterday, I was without car so walked to meet my mates for lunch, pub was 2 mile away, because I was walking I was able to partake in a glass or wine and we had a really good giggle. I then walked through the fields and went for a massage before walking home in the rain, which also wet was very refreshing, spent the rest of the day chilling out and my car passed it’s MOT which was a bonus.

Now I had beer battered fish and chips with peas for lunch and I uploaded it onto facebook asking how many ProPoints everyone thought and it just goes to show how much we differ because the guesses ranged from 13 to 38pp, so what do you think?

I saved a few ProPoints by not eating the batter and earned a few by walking there and back. I used 53pp yesterday and I’m pleased with that because not only did I eat out but I opened a bottle of wine later too although I didn’t finish the bottle like I normally would and I didn’t raid the cupboard either after drinking which proves when I do, I’m using the wine as an excuse to eat not because I “can’t help myself”

I’ve just been on the most gorgeous walk without even having to get in my car, there are some lovely paths between Blackhalve Lane and Bognop Road, we even passed a lovely lake and such a beautiful morning, the views were lovely.

This week we talked about walking in the meeting and I have to say its one of my very favourite pastimes, especially on a day like today. There’s nothing better than going for a good long walk in the countryside, stopping at a pub for lunch, having a long hot bath when you get home then settling down in front of a film with a bottle of wine. That is my idea of bliss! That truly is my perfect day, whether its walking on the chase or in the hills or up a mountain, I just love that pleasant exhausted feeling when you finally sit down. Plus a pub lunch never tastes as good unless your ravenous from the walking, ooo and a pint is delicious when you’re that thirsty. Thank goodness for the 49 weekly allowance and those activity ProPoints ;D

So most people haven’t even got up yet, it isn’t even 8am and I’ve been up 3 hours, I’ve got a busy morning, bit of work left to catch up on then later this afternoon I’m feeling a hot bath followed by a movie, not quite my perfect day due to the interruption of work but not far off and as I enjoy my job, it’s not so bad.

Not sure what I’m eating today, but might have egg, beans and tomatoes for lunch to use up the eggs, then I’ll look through the cupboards for other ideas as I’m staying away from the supermarkets remember. There’s easily a weeks worth of tins and packets in the cupboard, it’s just a case of thinking things through. Which proves even if you’re skint you can still stick to your ProPoints budget with a bit of thought, planning and portion control.

I want to cook from the new Simply Enjoy book but for now I might have to just look through and plan what to cook when I’ve emptied the cupboards, or I might do a demo in meetings.

Well I’m off to do some work, have a Sensational Saturday whatever you have planned, take a look at my photos from this morning:


They might inspire you to go for a walk and enjoy the day, even if it rains - you’ll soon dry out when you get home. Xx

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