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Friday, 5 November 2010

5th November 2010 todays facebook email

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Not long now, only a few more days, keep your patience ;)

YAY it’s Friday and I’m off to enjoy a couple of days away with my bestest girls before the crazy busy week of the launch of ProPoints starts Monday. I can’t wait to get back and share it all with you but at the same time I hope my weekend goes slow because I enjoy them so much. It may not be everybody’s idea of fun, slobbing around in your pj’s, eating and drinking but for me because I get to do it with those important people in my life that I don’t get to see enough of at other times of the year, I love it. It’s a bit like an early Christmas for me, and a personal tradition that I’d really miss if it didn’t happen.

We’re all different though aren’t we and that’s why Weight Watchers has always got it right because they’ve always ensured you can follow their plans whatever your tastes and lifestyle is, and the new plan is no different at all. So if you’re a little concerned don’t be, if you liked the points plan, you’ll love ProPoints, and if you struggled on the points plan because you always seemed to be playing catch up all the time, you will absolutely adore ProPoints. Believe in the plan, believe in my and most importantly believe in yourself because you can do anything you put your mind too.

It’s almost time to share it all with you and next week you’ll get that early gift of the new Weight Watchers ProPoints book and everything you need to know to start losing on it.

Last night was the last time I’ll run a meeting based on the old points system and at the end of the meeting I threw away the programme meeting that I still had relating to it, that felt like a clear out of the past in preparation of the new, you can’t beat a good clear out. Maybe look at getting yourself prepared at home ready for next weeks meeting, sort your cupboards in your kitchen maybe.

Well I’ve got a lot today before my weekend away begins, I haven’t even packed yet! So take care and enjoy your last weekend on the points plan, and get ready for ProPoints – it’s totally different and fabulous!

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?
You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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