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Saturday, 20 November 2010

20th November 2010 today's facebook email

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome. (William James)

Yay it’s the weekend, and hopefully most of you will have your 49 weekly ProPoints to spend it with ;-)

Smoothies seem very popular with the new plan, remember though for them to be zero pointed you have to make them yourself, innocent smoothies have juice as well as whole fruit in and I’ve worked them out at 15pp a litre carton!!!

Also if you enjoy eating out, then invest in the eating out guide, its under a fiver and worth every penny, saves making those huge mistakes, just quickly looking at the Indian food section main courses vary from 15-40 so it’s best to check!

Cinema Popcorn appears to have disappeared out of the listing though ;( When you can’t find exactly the food you’re looking for you need to look for similar, so I would suggest searching your shop guide. Using popcorn as an example, Butterkist make a sweet cinema style popcorn which is 5pp per 50g, unfortunately the salted isn’t less! Using esource if you have a monthly pass, just type in popcorn that brings up a list of different suggestions which include, sweet or salted popcorn 75g = 9pp. Please remember I’m not a mobile food list ;-) I don’t mind on the odd occasion but …..

Kebab Meat!!! I’ve been asked why have we not given the ProPoints values of kebabs in the Eating Out guide?

The answer is that there are foods that, if Weight Watchers do not know what the nutritional content is of that food, they cannot ‘work out’ the ProPoints values. Kebab meat is one of the few.

We’ve managed to ProPoint crocodile, alligator, even frogs legs - but we don’t have kebab meat. When this happens it’s either the manufacturers will not give us the information – or they have not had it analysed so they can’t give it to us. Despite repeated attempts to get the nutritional content of kebab meat, we have no idea what it is. PERSONALLY I think that speaks volumes and would seriously make me consider whether I should be choosing to eat it at all!!!!!

If you decide to have another type of meat at the kebab house, such as chicken skewers or slices of lamb, you can easily work out the ProPoints values using your Pocket Guide, SHOP or eSource by adding up the separate parts of the dish - for example add chicken with a pitta and any sauce you may have. You can do this with anything you eat outside your home that you can’t find listed.

I have to admit, I’m still smiling over my members losing 69 stone, and it’s just fantastic and proves that the ProPoints plan certainly does work as long as you do.

We’ve spent so much time talking about ProPoints this last two weeks we haven’t do any feel good stuff. I think that needs rectifying ;-) Although I think you’ll agree when you eat well, you feel good anyway.

So Let’s do a little bit of work in giving you Indestructible Self-Belief! Fancy that? It really is the greatest asset you can have in life. Self-belief is feeling good enough; it’s feeling that you can handle anything that life throws at you. It’s having a healthy appreciation of your talents, characteristics and abilities. It’s seeing yourself as special and entirely unique like no other person on the planet. That’s fabulous and so are you!

So the first step I’d like you to make towards having this INDESTRUCTIBLE SELF BELIEF, is don’t belittle yourself!

Sounds obviously, so why would anyone want to make life harder for themselves? But so many of you do it and I witness it from you, you may be doing it in a joke manner but you’re still doing it. You many not to it intentionally, but constant self-criticism can really turn you into the kind of person you’re so desperate not to be. So start to become aware of the relationship between your thoughts and how you behave. If you constantly belittle yourself, or tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’ll start behaving in a way that reinforces that thought pattern. But if you tell yourself you are talented and special, you’ll behave in a way that fulfils that belief.

Trust me, I’ve met almost every one of you reading this and I can confirm you are amazing and wonderful and gorgeous! And for those I haven’t met, trust me you’re gorgeous too!

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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