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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

23rd November 2010 - facebook email

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

My members weight loss to date on ProPoints plan = 1,091lb lost on ProPoints so far, that's 78 stone!

Bloxwich lost 53lb yesterday morning and Wednesfield lost 76lb last night so still going well, someone wrote on my facebook page last night that they may come back after Christmas to see what its all about, but why wait, I have members losing now and still going out on nights out, for meals and to Christmas do’s and losing weight. Rather lose half stone before Christmas & gain it over Christmas so you’re the same weight January than ;-), not bother and gain half stone over Christmas so you’re even heavier than you are now ;-(

Well I was proper cold all day yesterday from the time I got up to the time I went to bed! It’s stew weather that’s for sure, and luckily I had made one on Sunday but I ended up having a veggie stew as Alfie ate the meat! He’s great for my diet ;-)

I did have a delicious fish finger sandwich for tea though, using salmon fishfingers and 50/50 bread, made the sauce with low fat mayo, chopped up red pepper, spring onion and capers mmm. Delicious.

Today I plan to have mince beef and onions (from a tin! It takes me back to my childhood as it used to be one of mom’s specials, with extra onions and oxo cube) and I’m having it with smash and mushy peas mmm nice, can’t wait for dinner time. Foods more than just sustenance isn’t it; it’s comfort, memories, flavours, and tastes so it’s really important not to make food the enemy. I’m off to Belgium at the weekend with friends and I plan on eating and drinking at the Christmas market so I’m saving my 49 points and all my pedometer points for then.

Oh and can I just point out if like me you’ve been tempted by the bottles of Baileys reduced in the stores, it’s 108 ProPoints for a litre bottle! That’s 3pp for 25ml ;( I bought a bottle of ginger wine instead which is the same points as ordinary wine but has more of a wintery sweet taste to it, and I’m loving the mulled wine recipe in this months Weight Watchers magazine.

Yes for me I finally realised Christmas is almost upon us yesterday, after watching a couple of Christmas films at the weekend, yesterday I walked round the shops in Cannock and could hear the Christmas tunes playing, then driving home from work last night there were lights and decorations up in some house.

So holidays are around the corner, it’s that time of year, they start earlier each year in the shops and bring out bringing out the holiday treats immediately after Halloween. Next thing you know they'll leave the displays up year-round. With all the colorful packaging staring at us now, weeks before Christmas, instead of, "I’ve got to get some now because it won't be

here long" frame of mind, we can realize, "It's not going anywhere. I can eat these foods any time I want."

They're making what used to be special seem not so special after all. That, for me, was always part of the allure of the season: treats you don't see the rest of the year, pretty wrapped boxes and ribbons that seemed far more special when it was just for a few weeks. Now it's just pretty paper and the food is ordinary. I used to love the mini party foods but you can buy those all year round now and suddenly a mini quiche is no different from a slice of quiche ;-(

Don’t get SSD!!!!

If you start buying your Christmas food goodies early it's more than likely you'll start sampling those goodies early as well. I call that SSD (Seasonal Sugar Disorder)

So how to start getting things you need ready for Christmas without eating half of them before the event? If you have to buy them now or want to because they’re on offer or it’ll save you time later on, like the Baileys I’ve bought, you could try the out-of-sight out-of-mind" trick. Once you’ve got it home, put it way somewhere out of sight then forget about it. I’ve found stuff in April that I’d bought specially for Christmas in the past which proves I didn’t need it!

If you’ve bought selection boxes or any edible gifts wrap them up immediately and put them in a cupboard, you’ve got to keep your wits about you cos those things talk to you!

Just because things look lovely, doesn't mean you need to forget your resolve to eat when hungry, stop when satisfied. If you want a treat, have one, but eat it slowly and really taste it. See if you can tell the difference between cheap and expensive chocolate by taste or texture, if you want. Enjoy the treat. Make it special.

Now where was that Baileys? ;-)

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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