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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

3rd November 2010 todays facebook email

Telling someone the truth is a loving act. Mal Pancoast

What a crazy week I’m having, I’m so rushed and busy but still making sure I take care of me, early nights mean I can get up early to get my meals prepared for the day and walk Alfie before my work days starts. I feel great, my backs still playing up (apparently its my facet joints according to the physio at the hospital!) but because I feel so good in every other way it’s not on my radar so much. I’m sure eating plenty of fruit and veggies are giving me more energy and making me feel good in myself, this new plan rocks!

It is feeling a little like Christmas come early though, I’ve got lots of little packages in my house for my members but I can’t give them out till next week ;-) I’m not the best at holding back on good things I want to share, that’s why I tend to buy my gifts throughout the year when I see things people would like rather than all at once in December. It’ll be worth the wait for sure, trust me. Patience everyone!

Having said that, I would just like to add
The new plan isn’t a miracle cure, there’s no such thing!
The new plan isn’t a quick fix option either!

The new plan is however liveable and loveable, it’s realistic, it’s logical, and it fits in with everyday real life situations. It’s fantastic and I love it and I know you will too.

There’s been lots of media coverage this week regarding the new plan and I can say some is accurate and some not so accurate, so if you have any questions ask them this week in your meeting and then next week we can focus on the important stuff, like how do you do it!

A few of the newspapers are saying things like you can have alcohol, fast food and naughty bits. Erm, excuse me, haven’t you always been able to include those things with Weight Watchers, isn’t that what makes Weight Watchers work, because it realises we’re real people living real lives!

You can all have confidence in the new plan because Weight Watchers is an international company with a fantastic reputation. They wouldn’t change something if it didn’t need to be improved and they certainly would change it without being sure it worked!

Some of my helpers have been following the plan for at least a week now and all had excellent results and given me great feedback. I opened them their own facebook group so they can discuss it online and that seems to have really helped them support each other, so I would suggest you use your group wall for the same thing, if you have a query about the new plan or anything else post it on the wall, either me or someone else will answer it. Maybe just use it for comments about what you’re eating, what you’re losing, anything that’s relevant. The group was put there for you, not just so I could send you a daily email but so you could share ideas, and motivate each other in-between meetings.

SO what are you waiting for, go on now and make a comment of what your feelings are about the new plan.

Remember life starts now?
Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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