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Thursday, 25 November 2010

25th November 2010 todays facebook email

No person is important enough to make you angry!

My members weight loss to date on ProPoints plan = 1,521lb! That's 108½ stone! Weight Watchers is the only place it feels good to be a loser ;-)

I’m chuffed I still have my 49 weekly points still intact, this is a first for me as I usually dip into them each day, but as I’m away at the weekend I’m going to need them, I’ve also earned an extra 17 of activity ProPoints on my pedometer so I’m going to be able to have the odd glass of mulled wine at the Christmas market ;-) YAY, I love ProPoints.

I won’t be going on the Ice Rink whilst there though! I’m a bit too clumsy for that, and I can’t afford a broken limb. It’s important to find an activity you enjoy so that you continue to do it on a regular basis, that’s why I walk Alfie, because we both enjoy it and I earn activity points on my wineometer, oops I mean pedometer!

If you do fancy trying your hand at ice skating though, there’s a place in Cannock and one in Telford, "Skating is very good for working the glutes (bottom) the quads/hamstrings (thigh area), the core (tummy area) and triceps (in holding the arms up for balance)," Depending on the level of energy being put in by the person (if working around 60% of maximum heart rate) then the person will burn fat in performing the exercise. Skating is a good cardiovascular work out and all-over body toner. As the person becomes more experienced in skating, they can add more and more moves to their skill level, and once they do this, the work-out also includes improving flexibility, joint mobility and also strengthens and lengthens muscles, making them more toned, stronger and leaner looking."

Dancing seems to be popular these days too, I heard we have Ann Widdecombe and strictly come dancing to thank for that! Zumba is another hugely popular activity right now too. (facebook search Zumba Walsall for class info)

The thing I’m noticing about the latest ways to get active is they are enjoyable. In Walsall there are quite a lot of classes that are free, just ask at your library, health centre or council for information and I’ve been told that the free Salsa class is really Zumba, and even held by the same lady!

The hardest part of getting active is starting! Just taking that first step out of the door, so say to yourself, I’ll just walk to the end of the street, that way there’s no pressure, and I’m guessing once you’re at the end of the street, you’ll continue a bit more.

If you’re tired, it gives you energy, if you’re a little down, it give you a lift, and if you’re not losing weight, it can give you that extra boost you need to burn those extra calories.

Just today, think about how you can move that little bit more, walk instead of drive somewhere, or at least park further away. Anything that’ll burn a few extra calories.

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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