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Friday, 7 March 2014

I am so glad it's Friday!

7th March 2014
When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “why me”, say “try me”!

In the praise of SLOW!  That is my motto today, you can go too damn fast through life and with the week we’ve had, I haven’t come up for air.  Realistically you can’t continue in that fashion without burning out, therefore today I have a lot to do and it will be done at a nice calm pace, there’s always tomorrow.

I’ve just looked back over the last 5 years of my blogs to see what I was doing on the ‘7th March’ and how much life changes, three years ago I was in a cottage on my own enjoying some ‘me time’ mmm that sounds fabulous and I remember it well!  Then a couple of years ago I blogged that I’d eaten bread at every meal, oh my word I’d already realised that I’d done exactly the same thing yesterday, it’s quick isn’t it, egg on toast for breakfast, chicken salad sandwich for lunch and a sausage sandwich for tea – distinctive lack of variety there and I so need some vegetables in my life.  I’ll get them today, the last two days have been crazy busy, yesterday was 5 meetings and 2 hospital visits, there wasn’t really a lot of time for cooking.

Today however, I have a huge amount of paperwork which I will plod through, I need to wash up, haven’t since Wednesday morning (been busy ay I!), tidy up at some point too, all my Weight Watcher stock is all over my house instead of in the shed.  Then I intend to make me a nice beef dinner with lots of vegetables, mmm and maybe potatoes.  

You would have been proud of me yesterday though, I arrived at the hospital early enough to park, got there at 1.40, thinking visiting was 2 and it wasn’t it was 2.30!  I thought I’ll have me a coffee and I can join the conference call now that’s at 2pm, there’s a Greggs at the hospital, not the healthiest of options but as it’s been pointed out to me – it’s what people want and the food that they buy, is that the hospitals fault for supplying it or our fault for demanding it!   Supply & Demand I guess.  Anyways, I stood in the queue for my coffee, bearing in mind we’ve been chatting about coffee shops all week in meetings and I’ve been warning every one of the potential ProPoints dangers, well I ordered a normal coffee and totally resisted the amazing looking cream scones and jam doughnuts – big up to me!  I could’ve killed a cake; luckily I’d just had my chicken salad sandwich so I wasn’t hungry at all. 

So moms much happier with being in hospital and last night when we left she was on her 3rd bag of blood, we hadn’t realised quite how poorly she was, her levels were 7 which is pretty bad apparently, the lady in the next bed who was younger had same levels and had been collapsing, fainting and all sorts, mom had been doing the washing when I was called to take her in!  Tough cookie my mom, she’s not going to be so happy today though as she has to have the camera down her throat and up her backside to try and find out where she’s losing all this blood from.  I do hope they manage to do that today, so we can get her home sooner rather than later.

I was really grateful yesterday to all those people who give blood, did you know only 4% of us do!  So if you don't already, give it some thought, you really could be saving someones life.

I’m going to buy her some garden lights today, she loves those solar lights and we’ve only got some cheap ones round the garden, at the weekend I bought some cheap fairy light ones from B&Ms to see if they worked and they do, so I’m going to get enough to go all around the fence panels – she’ll love that and she’ll be getting on up on the old bird next door – gotta love a bit of ‘keeping up with the Jones’!
I’m going to start my paperwork now and wish you a good day, life can be tough at times I know but we have to keep smiling, life isn’t always easy – nobody said it was, we can’t control everything, but we can control how we react to those things that are out of our control.  Even a bad day is better than the alternative!

Let’s focus on that healthy and happy lifestyle and BeYOUtiful. xx

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