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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Filling & Healthy all day long :)

21st August 2013
 Motivation will almost always beat mere talent. Norman R. Augustine
I gained 1.5lb yesterday, I’m not disappointed though, I’m putting down to the fact I’ve been unwell, taking medication and haven’t really moved all weekend, so I’ll take that, I’m still 2lb lighter than I was a fortnight ago and I’m not overeating, I’m focusing on healthy and happy and I feel good for it.  Maybe the lump in my neck weighs ;-)
So yesterday I did a Filling and Healthy day, no ProPointing required and I enjoyed it too, had;
Breakfast – 2 crumpets with 2 poached eggs and tomatoes
Snack – 0% Greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, banana
Lunch – Rosemary and herb chicken breast, brown rice, onion, butternut squash, sweet potato, red pepper.
Tea – Beef goulash and sweet potato chip chunks.
Hot chocolate and a shot of whiskey (3pp) from weeklies
Earned 5pp on pedometer
So I quite enjoyed not having to ProPoint and doing this Filling & Healthy lark, so I’m thinking I might do it again today, also because I have leftovers that will save me cooking, I need to make something today for tomorrow as I’ll be too busy to cook tomorrow.  Ooo I might make a batch of soup today, that’d tide me over, I need to go get a few bits for that, pop in the Asda after meeting this morning I thinks.  Maybe curried parsnips if I can get any or butternut squash - did you know Butternut squash is not only zero ProPoints, but it has just 80kcal in 200g, which provides half of your daily vitamin C needs. It’s also a great source of potassium and magnesium, and curry powder contains turmeric, which research shows keeps your joints healthy and protects against arthritis.
Do you care?  Are you remotely interested in how nutritionally balanced your diet it?  Or do you just wanna be thin and as long as you stick to your allowance and lose weight that’ll do?
I think if you follow the Filling & Healthy plan then automatically you’re getting a good, balanced nutritious diet, obviously you need to learn portion sizes but that comes with practice.  Last night I thought I would easily eat 2-3 portions of that beef goulash but when it came to putting it out I had about 1½ portions, now I wasn’t ProPointing but if I had been that would’ve set me back 10pp so not a ridiculous amount, I also wasn’t even tempted to snack after eating my tea.
On the ProPoints plan, you can eat a good, balanced, nutritious diet also, or you can spend it less wisely, what I’ve found is the less wisely I spend mine the more hungry I am and the worse my results at the scales, so if you’re not bothered about what the foods doing to your body, try to eat healthier because it’ll give you a better result at the scales.
I easily ate my five a day yesterday and plenty of fibre, I don’t analyse my meals to see if they’re nutritionally balanced, I just try to make sure I use fresh ingredients where possible.
A good tool to use if you’re not getting the results you want is to track a little differently, get a pad and make 3 columns and head them up “Filling & Healthy”, “Treats, junk & booze”, “other”.  Then as you track your day put the ProPoints in one of the three columns.  If the treats/junk/booze column has the most ProPoints in it, then maybe your diet needs tweaking a little.  The first two columns are obvious, F&H is anything highlighted in green, T,J & B is anything all your cakes, crisps, chocolate, wine, even if the treats are low fat, low sugar ones – they’re still treats!  Then the other column is anything else that doesn’t fit in one of the first two columns J such as a ready meal or white bread or pasta.
It’s an interesting exercise to do even if you are losing, it helps you get to know yourself better and how you treat food, if there’s a lot of treats and junk you’re still using food in an emotional way.
Right I’m off, got painkillers to pop and antibiotics to take, going to my meetings yesterday was a good distraction from the pain, so hopefully I’m on the mend as I wouldn’t have been up to going at all last Friday.
Have a great day, EatGorgeous, BeYouTiful and take care you of you because you’re worth the effort.

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